10 Life Hacks Where to Find Professional Essay Writers Online

When you’ve made the fateful decision to hire a professional essay writer, you understand that you will be receiving a level of help and assistance that most colleges and universities no longer provide for their students. But in order to receive the help you need, you need to find professional essay writers who can deliver the best papers at a fair price. How do you do that? In this article, we’ll look at 10 important life hacks to help you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to identifying the best writers to ensure you get the best quality paper every time you place an order. 

  • Don’t always trust the first Google result. – Essay writing services compete to get the top Google spot for keyword related to your essay, but their tactics and jockeying often mean that the best writers aren’t necessarily the first listed. Instead, ask friends what services have worked for them and rely on trusted services.
  • How long has a service been in business? An essay service that has been in business for years or even decades is much more likely to produce good papers than one that has no track record to prove its value. When in doubt, use the established pros over the upstart newbies. 
  • Is the website well-written? – Check to see if the website you’ve chosen to order your papers is well-written. If it has poor English or doesn’t make sense, you may be looking at a low-quality foreign site that is trying to pass off second-language English speakers as high-quality native English-speaking writers.
  • Can you talk to a real person? If the site you use is just a webpage with no way to talk to a real person, you might want to look for another service. Anyone can throw together a webpage that looks professional, but only professional and legitimate services have the resources to have real people to staff their phone lines and online chat boxes. You want to have the option to speak to a live person, not a machine, in case there is ever a problem.
  • Does the site offer samples? Ask to see samples of the writers’ work. A quality service should be able to show you samples of their work so you can verify that they produce quality essays. If they won’t share samples of their work, be wary of their final product.
  • Where are the writers located? – Look to see where the writers are located. If an online service won’t tell you where their professional essay writers are located, chances are that it’s in a country than one where English is the native language. You want to look for sites that have writers based in English-speaking Western countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.
  • What are the writers’ credentials? – A quality academic writing service with professional essay writers for hire should be able to tell you their writers’ credentials. Look for a service with writers that hold master’s degrees or PhDs. A service that employs undergrads won’t deliver the same level of quality and professionalism as one with expert writers.
  • How do they guard against plagiarism? Look for sites that guarantee that their papers are 100% original and plagiarism-free. You want to make sure you only receive original work with each and every order. A quality service will be able to explain its anti-plagiarism policies. Typically, they will have an electronic plagiarism scan to look for problems and a second writer to review papers for originality and to ensure that they meet all applicable requirements. 
  • Does the site recycle papers? – Similarly, you want to make sure that your paper is just for you and will never be recycled or reused. Lesser services will take old papers, wait a while and then post them for sale online as “pre-written” papers. Look for a service that will not resell your paper under any circumstances. You don’t want your paper to come back plagiarized now or in the future.
  • What is their revision/refund policy? – No one wants to assume the worst, but it’s important to plan for what you will do if something goes wrong. Check out the site’s refund or revision policy to find out what they will do if the paper you receive doesn’t live up to expectations. You want to make sure you are safe and protected before you order.