5 Things You Should Consider While Hiring A Remote Developer

The recent days have seen a significant change in how workplaces function. The typical setup wherein one turns up at 9 AM wearing formal clothing and leaves the workplace at 5 PM is no longer the norm. Today, more and more employees (particularly developers associated with the IT industry) are keen to take up remote work.

From an employee perspective, this ensures better flexibility. Employers are also up for it as long as productivity is maintained. However, from the employer’s perspective, one must be extremely cautious while hiring a developer for remote work.

This is more challenging, and all developers (no matter how technically competent they are) are not built for remote work. Given below is a list of 5 essential things that you should bear in mind while hiring a remote developer.

Flexibility and the Ability to Work as a Team

When a developer looks to work in a remote setup, it is often the flexibility that they are seeking. While it is okay to give that to them, you must ensure that the developer you are hiring is a team player. As there will not be physical meetings, they should be ready to collaborate in video calls for knowledge transfer.

Be transparent about the hours they will be required to clock in. If the developer works in a time zone that is different from that of your client, mention the same beforehand and their opinion on that. This will help you gauge whether they are fit for the role or not.

Another thing that helps you determine whether a developer is fit for remote work is their take on screen sharing. These days several tools facilitate that, but not all developers are comfortable with it.

If a potential candidate feels that screen sharing is an intrusion of their privacy, this might be a problem for you when you expect the developer to train someone else.

Sound Technical Knowledge

When you look to hire ios developer (or any other developer for that matter) for remote work, try to look for someone who is technically sound. When a developer gets stuck in a conventional office setup, they reach out to a colleague and solve the problem together.

While there are a host of modern communication tools that your remote team can use, it will never be as easy as walking up to the next cubicle. That is why you have to ensure that the developer is technologically capable of handling the job’s challenges.

Try to ask some conceptual and out-of-the-box questions in the interview to have a genuine understanding of his or her technical knowledge. Do not make the mistake of relying on mark sheets, certifications, or referrals for this as all of us are well aware of how easily those can be forged.

Good Communication Skills

Understand that technical competency is not all that it takes to be a good remote worker. When you communicate with someone remotely, the other person is unable to see your facial expression, which often leads to miscommunication.

Before you hire wordpress developer for a remote role, make sure that he or she has excellent communication skills, and has a tendency to speak in a way that is generally understood by everyone.

Your developer does not need to be an expert orator but must have a basic understanding of how to communicate without offending anyone. Try to find out if the developer has a habit of adding comments to the codes and documenting his or her work.

Such a person will be easy to get along with and result in better collaboration among your development team members.

Experience in Remote Work

It is better to hire someone who has experience in working remotely. Such a person will have a basic idea of remote work and will be familiar with the etiquette of the job.

Although tools like Slack, Teams, or Zoom are getting increasingly popular for client meetings, someone with prior experience will know how to get the best of these tools in scrum meetings and internal collaborations.

An experienced remote developer will be able to give you suggestions on using project management tools like Zoho and Jira. They will be able to identify which tool is ideal for daily status reviews, and you will be able to have practical brainstorming sessions with them.

If it is impossible to get someone like that, you may settle for a developer who has done a significant amount of independent work in their previous project.

Understand that when you are looking for someone to do remote work, it will not be feasible for you to spoon-feed the KT sessions. Hence a self-sufficient developer is what you should look for.

Time management and Multi-Tasking Skills

Such is the developer’s life that often he or she ends up having too much on their plate. Matters become more challenging when a person is working remotely and does not have colleagues nearby to share their woes.

The person you hire must be good at multi-tasking and up for the challenges that remote coding has to offer. Try to ask questions like how the potential candidate plans their day or what their approach is when they get stuck in a coding problem.


These questions will help you understand their problem-solving abilities. You may also ask a question on the candidate’s take on work-life balance.  Answers to such questions not only speak about an individual’s technical capability, but it also illustrates their values.

That way, you will be able to understand for yourself if the remote developer’s values are in line with the vision of your company and whether they fit in your organization’s culture or not.

An excellent remote worker is an asset to your organization. If you carefully adhere to these five points, it will be much easier to identify such people from a crowd of developers.

As you embark in your search of competent remote developers, make sure that you do thorough research of your requirements and only select candidates that can help take your business to the next level.


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