6 Pieces of Equipment That Every Hardware Store Needs to Stock In 2022


Jan 1, 2022

Whether you are the proud owner of your own hardware store or manage more than one store in your local area, innovative pieces of technology and equipment are always being created, each seemingly better than the one that came before.

With the worldwide coronavirus enforcing countrywide lockdowns, more and more people are turning to DIY, so hardware stores are becoming increasingly popular as people stock up with the equipment they need to complete their home improvement projects. With that in mind, continue reading to learn of the six pieces of equipment that every hardware store needs to stock in 2022.

1.    The Welding Rod

Welding rods are one of the most important and necessary items for any self-respecting hardware store to stock. However, it is also important to only sell a top-quality brand of plastic welding rod from reputable and professionally established suppliers.

Welding rods should only be manufactured using the highest possible grade of resin materials. It would be best if you also stocked a range of different welding rod diameters to cater to every job.

2.    The CCTV Doorbell

One of the most popular pieces of technology at the moment are CCTV doorbells, which essentially allow the homeowner to see who is around their home at any given moment, from anywhere.

Working in conjunction with a mobile phone application, the homeowner is notified when someone rings their doorbell and if they so desire when motion is detected around the front door.

3.    The Milwaukee Tool

The Milwaukee tool is an invaluable piece of kit, both for DIY enthusiasts who will visit your store as well as professional handymen and women, which is why you must always stock a plethora of different types, shapes and sizes. The power tool is essential when considering any home improvement task.

4.    The Tradesman’s Backpack

For professionals and amateurs alike, the frustration and complications associated with working on a job, particularly in a hard-to-reach, small or elevated area, and simultaneously carrying the tools needed for the job is common.

Stock up on tradesman backpacks, which are essentially durable, sturdy, and wholly waterproof sturdy backpacks with a multitude of different compartments and fastenings to ensure wherever the job, all the tools can be carried safely and neatly, leaving both hands free.

5.    The Automatic Screw Gun

Automatic screw guns are incredibly fast and efficient and can make a large job much more manageable.

Fast screw guns come with strips of screws that, once set up, are automatically fed into the gun, completely eradicating the need to handle individual screws.

6.    The Japanese Cat’s Paw

The Japanese cat’s paw is essentially used for three main purposes and is an absolute staple that you simply must start to stock in your hardware store, that is if you haven’t already.

The tool works as a pry bar due to the narrowness of the blade, a hammer to reach difficult spots, and to pull nails out of a surface. It is one of the most sought-after pieces of kit for DIYers and professionals alike.