A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Right Deep Fryer


Dec 3, 2019

Many appliances have become must-haves in modern kitchens due to their versatility, capability of making life easier, saving time and efficiency. They are designed in such a manner that even a novice can use them. One such appliance is a deep fryer. As there are many brands and models of deep fryers available in the market, here is a comprehensive guide to buying the right one.


It’s very important to figure out the capacity of the fryer that you require based on your family size and cooking needs. If you love to cook for large gatherings, you require a fryer with more capacity. Similarly, if you have a small family, buying a bigger capacity fryer will result in the waste of oil and energy.

Opting for a fryer cum curry cooker in a single appliance will allow you to use it for shallow and deep-frying as well as slow cooking making it more beneficial. The choice of a deep fryer’s capacity is also dependent on the type of usage. Do you intend to use it more often for making French fries, pakoras, etc. or want to fry a holiday turkey or fish? For former, a small fryer is fine, but if you like to fry the latter, you will require a bigger fryer.


Safety is one of the prime concerns while frying food. Conventional cooking leads to the splattering of oil posing risks of burns as well as creating a mess with splashed hot oil. Though deep fryer is much safer than conventional cooking, it should have safety features, like an automatic shutoff when the oil reaches a certain temperature. Though the fryers come with safety features, you should also read and follow the instructions given in the manual to ensure full safety.

Ease to Use and Clean

Look for a deep fryer that has detachable and preferably dishwasher-safe parts, which make it easier to clean. Also, check how easy it is to drain the oil from the fryer because draining of oil is often a messy and tedious job. Having a detachable cord makes it easy to carry your fryer anywhere and not just be restricted in the kitchen only as you just need an electric socket to plug it and make it operational.


The cost of the fryer also plays an integral role in deciding to buy a fryer. Having an appliance that is economical, branded and versatile is always a great buy.

These are some of the factors that should be considered while choosing a deep fryer. Frying foods in a conventional way are not easy for all as it needs some expertise and attentiveness. If you are short on any one or both, you will either have soggy or overcooked food and you will always be at the risk of splashing oil making a mess and getting yourself burned. If you are someone who is preoccupied with too many thoughts involving other household chores, kids, job, etc., you should definitely consider buying a deep fryer.