A Guide On The Parts And Importance Of Industrial Air Compressor


Feb 3, 2021

Industrial air compressors are important machines in the industry. Either for long term or short term operations, they serve as strong power sources for the industry. Air compression is needed in many industries for their daily operations and storage with future utilization in mind. Despite their ability to operate on a long term basis, industrial air compressors are also very delicate and need proper maintenance to keep their durability. The compressor is designed in various types and brands, and they are composed of various parts as well. As a user, you should be vast of the various parts and their importance and this is the central theme of this blog. Grab some popcorn and continue reading.

Parts of an Air Compressor

Here are some of the basic parts of the Industrial Air Compressor.

  • Receiver: the receiver is also known as the storage tank for the pressurized air. The major function of the air compressor is to compress air into a storage tank for future purposes. After pressurization, the receiver is the storage that keeps the air till it is needed.
  • Motor: the motor is responsible for powering the crankshaft and flywheel. The motor is the part that gives the pump the needed energy to pump and compress the air into the tank. The electric motor is connected to two belts and a lifter which further distributes the air to other parts of the device.
  • Pressure Switch: the pressure switch is responsible for shutting on and off of the compressor. During the process of pressurization of air, the pressure switch keeps the machine running till the pressure reaches a certain cutoff point. When the point is reached, the pressure switch shuts down automatically. Also, when the air is exhausted and needs refilling, the pressure switch takes the task of controlling the compressor till the limit is reached.
  • Compressor Pump: the compressor pump number varies according to the model of the compressor. That is, a single-stage industrial air compressor comes with one pump and so on. In the double-stage air compressor, the compressor pump is two and is responsible for compressing the air into the first cylinder which operates on a low pressure before reaching the second cylinder.
  • Bearings: this part is responsible for the proper positioning of the device during an operation. It is directly linked to ensuring the safety of workers around the device during operation.

Benefits of an Industrial Air Compressor

The benefits of the industrial air compressor are innumerable. Some of the benefits are stated below:

Stability: the industrial air compressor provides stability to an operation. They are set to give a sum of productivity on each round and they provide the exact amount before halting.

Effectiveness: industrial air compressors are very effective in delivering quality air to be stored. The air filter is one of the vital industrial air compressor parts responsible for sieving the air to avoid dirt passage into the tank.

Despite these and many more benefits, you have to know that the industrial air compressor parts function together to provide the required output, therefore, one faulty part may affect the output.