A Review of the Best Casino Movies

There are many casino movies; in fact, too many to list. But we have sampled and picked the best of them all, including the famous “Runner Runner.” The films listed on this post cover a broad range of casino-related topics, from online gambling to casino gambling to hustling and so much more. Most importantly, they are simply great movies.

Runner, Runner

Fans of Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck were anxiously awaiting the release of Runner, Runner in September 2013. The movie is about an offshore online gambling casino operator and a star student.

The film, which cis classified as a dramatic thriller, is written by David Levien and Brain Koppelman. The two also wrote “Ocean 13,” which is the last installment of the popular Ocean trilogy. The director, Brad Furman, has two major motion pictures under his name, although he is relative new in the movie industry. 


This movie features a youthful Matt Damon who pays his university fees using winnings from a poker table. There are many popular faces in the film, with Edward Norton and John Malkovich also featuring. The film includes a dazzling high stake casino game, with Damon trying to beat Malkovich, who is an irresponsible poker baron. 

You will be impressed by the brilliant performances in the firm – especially that of Norton, which is outstanding – and real depictions of poker strategy and table banter that you may not find in other casino movies. 

The Gambler

The Gambler centers on the story of a university professor who has a casino gambling addiction. In the film, we see the professor (played by James Caan) in a self-destruction state, with his mental state increasingly becoming precarious as the film continues. His borrowing gets worse by the day as his need for thrills puts his life in danger, bringing the film to a steady climax. This is the perfect firm for gambling purists as they will identify with the movie character. The movie also serves as a warning to people who are addicted to any form of gambling.


This movie is based on a true story. It is a modern classic of the casino movie genre set in the time before online casinos were established. The movie is about a mathematics professor going by the name Kevin Spacey who trains a group of students on how to count cards in top casinos in Las Vegas. As the movie continues, it unveils a thrilling take of adrenaline-filled betrayal, trickery, and hedonism that you wouldn’t have believed if it had not happened. If you love blackjack, card counting, and casino gambling in general, you will definitely love this movie. 

The Sting

This casino film features Robert Redford and Paul Newman, who have always formed a successful duo in their careers. They play two con men, one a professional and the other a beginner. 

The two target a criminal boss who loves gambling and is after Redford’s character for a previous fraud. Unlike most gambling movies, The Sting has many twists and turns. The ‘long con’ gets more and more complicated as the danger levels of the protagonists get to a higher level. Finally, a dramatic end provides just the right payoff for the perfect suspense-filled thriller. 

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is a casino film with a host of impressive performances. Starring Steve McQueen, the movie revolves around an upcoming gambler who pits his wits against Lancey Howard, who is the high roller of the day. 

Lancey takes on McQueen after seeing that the kid had made a name for himself in backdoor games with no serious competition. The Cincinnati kid is hampered further by multiple distractions that threaten to interfere with his chances. The movie culminates with the two players raising their stakes, and one of them emerges the winning in an exciting finale.

The Hustler

The Hustler is a classic casino movie set in a time when online casino gambling was as close in reality as humans living on Mars. The movie is about a small-pool hustler called “Fast Eddie” Felson and his commitment to become successful in the league of high-stake gambling by high rollers. He uses his raw talent and drive against the best player, looking to beat the best pool player, “Minnesota Fats.” Initially, he loses to Fats and gets involved with corrupt manager Bert Gordon. He eventually returns to give it another try, but only after paying the worst personal price. 


The casino is probably the most popular casino movie. The film is about mob-controlled casino gambling in Las Vegas. Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro star, the first being a psychotic enforcer whose erratic behavior threatens both their lives and the latter a casino owner with mafia ties. Throw in Sharon Stone’s seductive charms, some great support performances, and most memorable and harrowing scenes in the history of the film, and you get the perfect blend for a classic great.