Best Car Covers for East Coast Spring Weather

Spring weather can do a number on your car. From sudden rainstorms to unusually high wind speeds, the spring season brings potential hazards to your car’s exterior. To protect your prized vehicle from unexpected damage during spring weather, consider a car cover when you’re using outdoor car storage.

Choosing Between Different Car Cover Types

As temperatures fluctuate during the spring season, you may want to swap out a heavier winter cover for a more lightweight version. When you’re choosing a cover for your car, make sure to get the best fit by opting for custom car covers.

Here are some of the most common types of car covers to think about:

  • All-Weather Cover: Made to encase the entire vehicle, an all-weather cover typically offers resistance to weather, ultraviolet rays, and other climate elements that can cause long-term issues for your car. Look for a material that’s breathable, allowing moisture to escape from under the cover to avoid condensation buildup. These covers are made for a variety of weather conditions and are ideal for slightly warmer spring weather.
  • SunShade: If you’ll be out and about, bring along a custom car sun shade. These shades fit snugly against the interior of the windshield on your car. They block damaging ultraviolet rays and keep the car cool on those, especially warm spring afternoons. A quality sunshade will help you avoid interior damage down the road and allow for maximum comfort when you climb into your car on a hot day.

As you get further into spring, avoid full-car covers intended for the winter season. Those covers typically come with a heavier lining that may be more than you need for outdoor car storage in warmer temperatures. Opt for a lightweight, all-weather cover that you can toss on and pull off for easy exterior protection.

Best Car Covers to Protect From Rain

An all-weather car cover is your best bet against spring storms and rain. Look for a durable cover that is water-resistant with a tight weave to keep water away.

You’ll also want to opt for a cover that’s made from a durable, yet breathable fabric. Condensation buildup under the cover can cause issues. Choose a cover that keeps water out while allowing air to flow.

A somewhat heavier material will provide additional protection for your car during those afternoon spring thunderstorms. Consider a fabric that’s well-rated for its durability to add a layer of protection against spring winds and debris. The best all-weather covers deliver a balance of durability and breathability, with a material that’s light enough to toss the cover on when you’re done with your ride.

Be sure to look at the interior of the cover, ensuring the fabric is soft and will not cause any issues for your car’s finish. The best covers include a microfiber lining that keeps dust at bay.

When you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your car against spring weather while it’s in outdoor car storage, look for an all-weather, custom-fit cover to guard against the elements. Turn to a trusted retailer to find a cover that keeps out sun and rain while providing breathability and softness for your car’s exterior.