Buying A Second Hand Car Out Of State


Sep 5, 2020

Buying a car today is not like how it used to be. Now, you can go to a number of online websites to search for the car, truck, or SUV that fits your exact specifications. Generally, it is best to start your search close to home. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for in your area, you can broaden your search outside of your area. You can even search your whole state or the entire country to find the car that you want.

Buying a car out of the state might require a little more effort than buying a car close by.  Here are some of the essential steps you need to take if you want to buy a car out of state.

Why Choose a Car Out of State?

One good reason to buy a car out of state is when you find a nearby dealership who is offering a really good knockout deal on a particular vehicle or a special for first-time customers. This can potentially help you save a lot of money if dealerships in your area are not running similar deals.

Another good reason to buy a car out of state is when you have your eyes set on a specific make and model which is difficult to find or you have found it at a significantly cheaper price, then it might be worth the trouble of buying it out of state.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Car Out of State

Once you have decided that it is worth buying a car out of state, it is important to be prepared for some of the common obstacles you may face. It is good to be prepared.

Make Sure The Car Is Available

Before you set out of state to buy the car, ensure that you are not making the trip for anything. Check with the dealer or private seller via email, phone, or text before making your drive.

Check the Vehicle’s Safety

Keep in mind your state’s safety regulations when buying an out-of-state vehicle. Some states may require a safety inspection done to ensure that the car is road-worthy. Check to make sure that the brake lights, steering system, seat belts, and other essential components of the car work. This will not only extra time and money when you need to get your car inspected, but it will also keep you safe.

Get a Vehicle History Report

Always get a vehicle history report whenever you buy a car.  This is to make sure there are no issues before you move forward.

Title and Registration

You will have to pay for a new title and registration for the new state therefore, it is important to find out how much time you have before the new state requires that the vehicle is registered.

There are different rules in different states when it comes to title.  Do make sure the car is correctly titled because it may impact financing and insurance.

Ensure the Car Is Properly Insured

Various states and lenders have different rules regarding insurance limits and deductibles. You may be allowed to use your current car’s policy for a brief time before switching insurance. Therefore it is important to sort out these details ahead of time.

Arrange The Shipping Of Your Car

If you are satisfied with everything and have decided to go ahead with the purchase, the next thing you will have to think about is the shipping. If you are unable to drive it back yourself, you can enlist the help of an auto transport company.  The best way to do this is to get the help of an online shipping marketplace like Shiply.  They can connect you to the most affordable and safest shipping for you.  Once you have compared the rates,  you will need to choose the best method of shipping for your car.

The type of car shipping method you choose will most likely depend on whether your car is new or used.  There are 2 types of service – open transport/open carrier and enclosed carrier. Open transport is the shipping of vehicles on trailers that are exposed to elements. If your car is used, you may be fine going with open transport which is a popular choice.  By contrast, if you are shipping a brand new and very valuable car, you will want to minimize any potential damage to it by choosing enclosed transport.  Your car will be protected within a trailer that has all four walls intact.  Enclosed transport is usually more expensive than open transport.