Controlling Pests in and Around Your Home

Pets can become a real issue in the home and in worst-case scenarios, can cause serious damage if the issue is not taken care of. There is a multitude of ways that pests can invade your home and are particularly attracted to light, dampness and food. The great news is that pests can be controlled, so you don’t have to worry about living with pests for long periods, providing you take the necessary measures and even preventive actions to control pests around the home.In this guide, we’re going to list just a few things you can do:

Replace your roofing

Did you know that pests such as rats and birds can make their way into your home through gaps in the roof? Missing tiles and small cracks become an entry route into your attic which acts as a breeding ground for pests. It can be difficult to spot every single gap within the roof; therefore, it may be in your best interests to replace the entire roof as a precaution. During the winter months in particular where pests are looking for places to hibernate, it’s important to prioritize a roof replacement by hiring a contractor such as Rock Solid Exteriors.

Store firewood away from the home

If you have an open fire, you may choose to store firewood outside during the colder months, however, always ensure you keep it as far away from the home as possible. This becomes the perfect place for pests to hibernate, and there is the risk that they could make their way into your property. With this in mind, always ensure that firewood is at least 30 feet away from your home.

Dispose of garbage regularly

Disposing of garbage is a vital tip to limit the risk of pests in and around the home. Ideally, garbage should be disposed of every day to limit pungent smells and prevent attracting pests. A buildup of rubbish can lead to an invasion of rats, rodents and even maggots, which then runs the risk of spreading harmful diseases which can be a danger to young children.

Dispose of things you don’t need

One of the most crucial aspects of pest control is to limit the amount of clutter within the home. It is easy to accumulate belongings in piles (such as toys, books, clothes and other bric-a-brac|)which gather dust, attract pests and even cause germs to spread. Take the time to de-clutter your home as a health and safety precaution, as well as making your interior much more appealing.

Contact a pestcontrol service

The above tips would be advised as a preventive measure to ensure that pests don’t become a concerning issue, however, if it is too late and pests are present, you may wish to hire a pest control service to sort out the problem for you. Professional pest controllers are typically trained and use specialized chemicals to eliminate pests with immediate effect to prevent breeding and damage.