Different Types Of Car Covers


Dec 9, 2019

Purchasing a car is still a matter of dollars. And by dollars, it means huge prices. We only purchase it once (most of us usually) and they have to live with it for decades. But living with it requires some good maintenance and taking care of various interior and exterior factors that can damage the look of the car. Over time the exterior of the car gets damaged from UV lights to various weather factors however by using the right types of car covers you can save your car’s look for a longer period of time and if you are unaware of different kinds of car covers then here you will be told about different types of car covers so you can easily decide what would be best for you.

Different Types Of Car Covers

One of the most easily find car cover type is the plastic car cover. This is especially for those who don’t enjoy picnics and traveling too much in their cars and yet not a big fans of cleaning their car. The plastic car cover is built with universal plastic material and also they are pretty hard to use for most of the car owners. They are very fragile and the car owner will need to use some professional car wash service after using it. It can last for a longer time but they don’t offer much utility. Another common type of car cover is the cotton car covers and they are the oldest type of car covers. They don’t offer much utility compare to other type of car covers. They are not waterproof as well and people who use it on the outside parking will regret buying it.

Composite Car Covers And Umbrellas

Composite car covers are one of those cars covers types that fit in your car but they are pretty hard to find in the exact size and also they are not so water-resistant especially for the acidic rains. The acid of the rains can get through the cover and can cause corrosion over time. They can keep the dust and grime away but you can’t expect the durability from it. The umbrella style car covers offer convenient and can stop the acid rain dripping from the car. Not only just that there are different types of such car covers that can provide great safety from the car thieves as it is equipped with the anti-theft belt with steel wires inside. However, you should understand your need first and then opt for the right type of car cover so that you get what suits your needs and can secure your possession.