Everything You Need To Know About Scrum Master Certification

You might have been advised to get your Scrum Master certification. But before that you want to know what it is and why is it necessary. Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll help you know and understand everything you need to so that you can become a Certified Scrum Master. There are some basic questions that are always asked when it comes to Scrum Master Certification and all those questions have been answered here.

What is Scrum?

The term ‘scrum’, short for ‘scrummage’, is used in rugby where players pack together closely to get possession of the ball. This is exactly where ‘Scrum’ comes from because, in rugby, players move forward by passing the ball to each other.

Scrum is a product development strategy using the Agile methodology. Beginning in the software industry, it has now spread to other branches like sales, marketing, research, etc, and is used widely. An agile methodology is when product development occurs collaboratively in teams. Scrum is designed for a team of the utmost ten members. This team divides their work into goals which should be completed in a time-boxed iteration known as ‘sprint’ and each sprint can last a month at most.

So, Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps with generating adaptive solutions to complex problems.

What is a Scrum Master?

Now that you know what’s Scrum, you need to know the role of a Scrum Master. A Scrum Master is basically the leader of the scrum teams. The Scrum Master carries out communication between the various self-organizing teams of the Scrum for the smooth advancement of the product development. The Scrum Master creates an environment where when a product owner orders the work of a complex problem, each team can work on and solve each problem within each sprint so that it’s ready for the inspection. They are considered the leader and make sure the teams follow the values and practices of Scrum. They help reach the goals of each team by coaching the team into doing the best work possible.

What is a Scrum Master Certification?

Scrum Master Certification is an entry-level certification or credential to give people just starting with scrum a basic understanding of how Scrum works and all basic understanding regarding the product management method. People who have earned their Scrum Master Certification can work as a Scrum team member or the Scrum Master. You can earn a Scrum Master Certification by attending a 16-hour course or two-day course and then answering 35 questions in an exam where you have to get 24 correct to pass. Once you pass this exam, you have a 2-year long membership with Scrum Alliance.

Why get a Scrum Master Certification?

Scrum is becoming a very famous framework and knowing it will give you better job prospects and opportunities for every sector in the market but especially for software development.

Hope all your queries about Scrum Master Certification are answered and now you’re on your way to get a certification.