Fixing Iphone’s Black Screen And Not Turning On Issues

If you’re a long-term iPhone user, then it’s highly likely that you might have run into two major issues. The first issue is the iPhone’s screen is frozen on a black screen, and your phone wouldn’t respond. The second issue is that your iPhone won’t turn on. These two problems are most common when it comes to iPhones, and it can be really stressful for the user when these types of situations occur. In this article, we will guide you on what to do if you’re one of those who is currently having one of these issues and don’t know what to do.

What to do if your iPhone’s screen turns black?

Before understanding the process of fixing the black screen, you’ve to understand what the issue is. The iPhone black screen often appears due to two main causes: hardware malware and software malware. You’d have to understand which part has caused the screen to go black and then apply the necessary step to resolve the issue. To check whether it’s a hardware issue, you’d have to check if your iPhone fell on a block of concrete which might have damaged the internal parts which as a result the screen went black. If the hardware of the iPhone seems fine, then it is a software issue, and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve which can help you resolve the software malware.

Charge your iPhone

The first trick is that you should charge your iPhone for up to 12 hours which might reset the battery, which as a result might turn the iPhone to the normal way it was.

Restore with iTunes

Most often, the charging trick doesn’t work, and users don’t know what to do. If the method doesn’t work, then the only option is to restore your phone with the help of iTunes. To connect your iPhone to iTunes, you’d have to connect the phone via USB cable with your laptop or computer and open iTunes. Then after following the on-screen steps, there would be a restore option which will wipe all your data from the phone and will reset all the default settings of the phone. This method is a bit risky as some users have essential data on the phone, which isn’t backed up to clouds and thus, they fear of losing the data.

What to do if your iPhone wouldn’t turn on?

Many people face the issue that their iPhone wont turn on after a software update. There are several reasons for that such as the update file might have been corrupted, or your iPhone might have been stuck in the steps of a few bugs. But, you don’t need to worry as we’ve got a few solutions if you’re stuck in this problem.

Force Restart your iPhone

The first step you can do is force restart your iPhone. Force restart basically means that your iPhone’s battery cycle will be reset to normal, and as a result, everything will start up again. This might help as the software will restart, which might remove the unwanted entity which might have entered during the update process. There are a number of ways to force restart your phone. The method solely depends on your iPhone’s model. It’s always best to check which process is applicable to your iPhone and give the technique a try.

Charge your iPhone

Most often, even charging your phone helps for some people. Charging your phone means keeping it plugged into a wall outlet and leaving it idle for 8-12 hours to let it reset everything and if you’re lucky, your iPhone might turn on.

Dr.Fone – System Repair:

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