How QR codes benefit the BPO industry


Aug 30, 2022

BPO has been a well-renowned multi-billion-dollar industry because of its success, contiguous marketing strategies, and daily valued staffing. Are you thinking of how you can triple the effect of your campaign?

With the most advanced QR code generator online, you can have various QR code solutions to help you get what you expect and share information online with a scan and a tap!

You have probably heard what a QR code can do. Quick Response codes have been so helpful in the last two years because people desire faster, contactless data access.

Millions of companies have put their trust in creating QR codes in marketing and capturing a much bigger audience.

A survey found that in 2021, about 76 million smartphone users in the US scanned QR codes on their portable devices, projected to rise by 2025.

Best use-cases of QR codes in the BPO industry

Adding information through video

Generate a video QR code for your video file, saved on Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube video. A QR code directs to a welcome video or an interactive voice practice.

This way, you can welcome the BPO newbies with your company’s vision, engaging them and introducing them to the culture, customer service ideas, and technical onboarding for the trainees.

The same applies to tenured employees. By making them aware of new or updated company information, refreshments would also help them create new skills and strategies.

A video QR code would display significant attention towards the development and progress, making employees more engaged in the company.

According to research, 9 out of 10 viewers wanted to see more business videos.

Displaying data and assistance in just a scan

You can create a QR code for your website with your data and customer hotline number.

Still, even if you have your company’s relevant information online, most customers want to talk to a customer service representative.

Most customers don’t want to find where they can talk with someone on the phone, but this may come easy with QR codes.

Users want their problems to resolve on time. Fast customer service helps your business to stand out in the industry.

We can’t deny that most businesses take a long to respond to inquiries, but imagine having fast customer support. Customers will trust your company.

Via QR codes, you can direct scanners by connecting them to an agent in real-time, a contact form, or a feedback form.

QR codes for Job Applications

It is possible to use and distribute QR codes online, which drive job seekers to a URL or landing page where they may submit an online job application right away.

Print your QR code on flyers, posters, brochures, social media sites, and even outdoor billboards to draw attention.

Smartphone scanners can plan the appropriate interview time and redirect to the application site.

It’s less hassle than bringing a pen or paper for job openings or caravans.

Once scanned, create a Google form that will display on the scanner’s smartphone screen, allowing them to fill out an application form quickly.

For applicants, you can also add a QR code to your resume. This way, your employers will surely be impressed by accessing your sample works.

It is best to use a dynamic QR code. This type of QR code allows you to track data like the number of scans, location, and the device of the scanner. You can also update the data content anytime.

With QRTIGER QR Code generator, you can have an interactive digital conversation between employers and applicants.