How to Start Playing Online Casino Games in India?

Gambling, in its variety of formats, is loved by most Indians. It could be card games, sports betting, lottery games or even casino games. These games are not accepted when played commercially but can often be seen at private parties. Kitty parties and Diwali get-togethers are particularly favored for these games. The most popular games at such gatherings are Rummy, Teen Patti, Poker or Bingo, also known as Tambola.

These games have now moved from gatherings to an even more personal space and have allowed the game lovers to have access to the game as and when they have time for it. Yes, of course, because now online casino gaming in India has arrived. You can play several kinds of casino games on your desktop or even on your mobile devices. You can play a lot of these games for fun, but if you are into serious gaming, this is how you can go about starting your stint as an online casino gamer.

Choose the Casino

There are plenty of casino gaming websites and you must be very careful in selecting the right one for yourself. There are some key factors that you should take into consideration when selecting the online casino:

  • Restricted Access – Some casinos do not welcome players from India. Avoid them.
  • Payment Modes – If you do not already have access to them, skip it.
  • Withdrawal T&Cs – Read up about these and if you don’t find it apt, go to another one.
  • Welcome Bonuses – Most casinos will have these with conditions attached. Read them and use them to your advantage.
  • Games Offered – Ensure that the games offered include the ones that you are most interested in playing.
  • Reviews and Ratings – This is the most important factor. If a casino qualifies on the first five but fails here, it is a certain ‘NO’.

Register Yourself

Once you are satisfied with the online casino on all the above parameters, you can go ahead and register yourself. You will be required to furnish some personal details for the casino to confirm that you are eligible to play on their website. It is mandatory for the players to be 18+. The other information could be related to your resident status, contact details etc. You will also set your username and password at this stage.

Set Up the Payment Mode for Deposits

While researching the website, you would have considered the payment modes it supports and there is at least one that you are comfortable with. Furnish the required details for the preferred method. These will be saved for your account.

Deposit the Money

At this point, you can choose to log out or proceed to add funds to your account. As a welcome bonus, the casino would also deposit some money in your account, depending on the offer. Some may require you to make a deposit to avail the bonus, while others might reward you simply for registering. Use your preferred method to add funds. You are now ready to play all the games you want on your online casino.

Select the Game You Want to Play

Online casinos have a large variety of games to choose from. You can play live dealer games such as Teen Patti, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Andar Bahar and more. You can also choose to play the various slot games available in a large number of themes. You might come across the classic slots as well as those based on the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Place the Bets

All games in a casino have different rules and it is best to familiarise yourself with them before you start trying your luck. While you only require luck to win at most of the casino games, some of the games need you to be an astute player to be able to defeat your opponent or the casino. Place your bets after a lot of consideration and deliberation in such cases. Whatever the case is, do not bet more than what you have. There are no overdraft facilities in life.

Enjoy the Game!

You might win some of the games, while you might lose some. As long as you play sensibly and are wise with your money, a loss will not burn a big hole in your pocket. Enjoy the game thoroughly and take home your wins after carefully checking out the withdrawal options.