How to Use Your Nursing Degree to Your Advantage

When you start to look at all the different benefits of studying for your nursing degree online, you’ll quickly see that it’s a great idea for anyone who wants to either become a nurse or advance their career. It’s hugely convenient since you don’t have to travel to a brick and mortar college for your classes. Not only that, but you can learn at your own pace, as all the course materials and lessons are online, and you can learn at times that work for you. You won’t have to give up work or sacrifice your free time to get what you want in terms of your education.

Once you have your nursing degree, you can work in many different areas of the medical profession. There are dozens of choices open to you, and what you do will depend on your skills, personality, and your ultimate goals in life.

Yet what you shouldn’t forget is that your nursing degree itself will also help you get further. It’s not just a way to start your career; you can do a lot with it when you use it to your advantage. Read on to find out more.

Career Advancement

Career advancement is probably the one element of gaining your degree that you will automatically know about and potentially want to take advantage of. Once you have completed your first degree in nursing, new avenues will become available to you. Some may require you to have some nursing experience first, whereas others are there so you can specialize right from the start.

It’s often best to gain some nursing experience before choosing an area to specialize in, even if you think you already know what branch of nursing is going to be best for you. This is because, until you have practical knowledge of what you like doing and what you’re capable of, it can be hard to make that choice. You might want to work in the ER or perhaps with children. You might even want to continue in general nursing, but at a higher level, in which case, you should join an executive nurse leader program.

No matter how you come by it, though, the decision as to what type of nurse you want to be will be something you can follow up on through online learning, as there will be a course for everyone. Once you have your first degree, you can choose anything you want to.

Use Additional Skills

The majority of your degree will be about learning what a nurse does and gaining this important knowledge. However, understanding the mechanics of being a nurse and having a lot of medical knowledge isn’t the only thing that will help you, especially if you want to achieve as much as possible in your career.

When you are enjoying your nursing degree, you might not realize it, but you will be picking up all kinds of other skills that will also help you and allow you to advance your career or pick the right branch of nursing. Known as ‘soft skills,’ they include:

  • Communication (with many different types of people, from medical professionals to patients)
  • Listening
  • Timekeeping
  • Being organized
  • Confidence
  • Research
  • Resilience

These are transferable skills that you will learn while studying for your nursing degree that will help you a lot when you come to start work. When you can combine your knowledge and experience with these useful skills, you will be truly making the most of your nursing degree and using it to your advantage in all situations.


Networking is usually linked to people in business. Still, although they will find it incredibly useful for building contacts, it’s something that someone studying for a nursing degree can also use to their advantage. As a nurse or student nurse, the reasons for networking might not be quite the same as the reasons for an entrepreneur to network, but that doesn’t matter – the process is still the same.

When you are studying to be a nurse, the more connections you are able to make, the better, and you can make those connections through networking. When you have a number of different people you can talk to about nursing, you can make the most of your degree and use it to your advantage by talking to these people about the nursing options you might have. Find out as much as possible about what would be expected of you in each area of nursing, and you might be able to determine which is the best course of action for you.

Not only this, but networking could open up career possibilities for you. If you are friends with a nurse at a certain hospital and you want to work there, see if they will let you know when a position becomes vacant, for example.

Look at Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Using your nursing degree to your advantage is about more than gaining knowledge and putting it to good use. When you’re studying, you will also be able to learn a lot more about yourself, and this is something we should all try to do as it will help to push us in the right direction in life.

A nursing degree will make you look at yourself much more deeply. You’ll see exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and you can then decide how to proceed. You might want to work on your weaknesses to ensure you are more well-rounded as a person and, therefore, as a nurse. Or you might choose to make your strengths even better, which could lead you to specialize in a particular area of nursing or medicine. It might even make you realize that a different career would be much better for you in the end.

Whatever the outcome, having the chance to really look at your strengths and weaknesses is not something everyone is able to enjoy, so use your nursing degree to your advantage and make the most out of what you learn not just about the subject but about yourself.