Rest and Relax: 5 Tips on Safely Buying Mattresses Online


Oct 9, 2021

Online shopping is the new shopping trend wherein you can directly buy goods over the internet. It has been a convenient shopping experience but with a bit of risk in some instances.

The risks of buying a mattress online are common because of the significant amount involved, and you can not go and check the product’s physical appearance. So, to make sure that you are making the right purchase, these five tips will help you avoid the mistakes of online shopping and make your buying experience safe and secure.

Know the Type of Mattress You Need.

Buy as planned, not on impulse. You can get the best mattresses online, but you must do your due diligence in sourcing them. Always know the type of mattress you should buy before deciding on that purchase, especially online. Consider your needs or the user’s needs. It can be about the health, the sleeping habits, or particularly the user’s demands.


An innerspring mattress is the most common mattress design. It uses a metal wire system that creates a support frame, covered with quilted top fabric and a layer of foam support.

The bed’s firmness is appropriate for back sleepers because it relaxes the body and helps align the spine. Its foam support also gives a plush feeling that balances the firmness of the spring.


A hybrid mattress has the best-combined materials made from memory foam and individually wrapped metal coil springs. The memory foam provides extra plushness while the spring base is engineered to adapt body contour, alleviate pressure points, and gives balance support for people who are suffering from chronic back pain. It is best for people who sleep on their back and need pressure relief.

Air Bed

An airbed has adjustable firmness with compartmentalized air chambers. You can customize air fill for your desired real-time firmness adjustment. You can choose to make it softer on one part and firmer on the other. Modern air bed designs already provide you with a remote-operated control that conveniently adjusts its reclination.

Water Bed

A water bed is most famous for recovering patients because of its convenience and flexibility. It has a controllable temperature using its built-in thermostat, wherein you can adjust the coolness and the warm temperature as desired. You can easily adjust it to a warmer temperature when the weather is cold and vice versa.

Latex Bed

A latex bed is made of natural material from a rubber tree sap. It is preferred by people who are suffering from allergies because it is hypoallergenic. This bed helps reduce the incidence of allergies because it does not collect molds, dust, and mites; thus, it needs minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Buy from Reputable Sellers

Make sure that you are buying from legitimate sellers. So how will you know if they are legitimate sellers?
  • They have working contact numbers – online sellers place their contact numbers on their websites or online stores, so it is a good reason to suspect the seller’s legitimacy if you cannot find any business or contact number.
  • Get the supplier’s reviews – active and current feedback or reviews are good suppliers’ performance indicators.
  • Observe simple things like how the website looks, whether it is professionally designed, or whether the contents are unquestionable. These are just simple signs but would greatly help to scrutinize and identify legitimate suppliers.

Safeguard Your Personal Information

As a general rule, reveal only personal information that is most needed to fulfill an online purchase. Know that the disclosure of nonessential information can lead to spamming, telemarketing calls, identity theft, or other untoward purposes.

Some of the most sensitive information that you should avoid sharing are social security numbers, passwords, passport information, driver’s license PINs, bank account numbers, among others. Be on guard all the time, be smart, always think before you post that information.

Pay Using Credit Card

Be safe. Use your credit card to pay for your online purchase. It is the safest way to pay for your online shopping, and with other advantages, it presents like:

  • Sellers has no direct access to the account
  • Secure, given that the device you are using with your transactions are yours or if it belongs to a reputable seller or store
  • You can earn rewards points on spendings that can be used for future purchase
  • You can get cash back or rebates

Mind the Details

After you make the purchase online, always keep track of all the details about your purchase. These details may include the confirmation number, tracking number, receipts, or OR number.

Keep track also of the shipping details once the order is fulfilled. The shipper must provide updates every so often, especially if it comes from offshore.


Online shopping has become the trend in modern shopping because of its convenience. It may have its shares of risks, but those risks can be avoided by being mindful of your shopping and following the tips listed above.