Top 5 Reasons for You to Work with An Independent Insurance Agent


Oct 28, 2020

Buying an insurance policy is an essential step towards protecting you from unprecedented perils, which could otherwise wreak havoc in your life. With so many options, finding the perfect insurance scheme can be complicated.

You will have to carefully weigh all your options to choose the best policy that suits your insurance requirements, be it home, auto, or business. Instead of going the traditional way, working with an independent insurance agent allows you to utilize the positives of both captive and independent agents.

The independent insurance agents, such as Lopriore Insurance, present competitive insurance products from several companies, not limiting your options to just one. Here are some top reasons that will surely convince you to engage an independent agent for your insurance needs.

Provides Unbiased Advice

While shopping for the right insurance policy, the last thing you would wish for is prejudiced advice on which scheme to choose.

Independent agents have the superior market knowledge and keep beat with the latest trends in the insurance field. Being not associated with one brand, they offer unbiased opinions and suggest various policies.

They don’t incline towards policies of specific insurance companies. Instead, they work ethically, genuinely suggesting policies with the best coverage, thus minimizing your risk of getting stuck with the wrong solution.

A Time Saver

Working with several names, the independent agents have broader knowledge about all the available insurance policies and related coverage details.

You will have to explain your coverage requirements; rest assured, the reputed independent agents like Lopriore insurance will manage the legwork. The agents research for the apt schemes and provide you the right quotes to choose from the best insurance policies, thus significantly saving your time.

Independent Agents are Experienced Professionals

While researching for a suitable insurance policy, you can have a challenging time understanding insurance-related jargon. But the terminologies you find complicated are bread and butter for these insurance experts.

The experienced professionals clarify your queries and educate you about various aspects of insurance policies to help you make an informed decision.

Extensive Local Knowledge

While working with an online insurance agent will give you a notion of saving your precious time, but practically it’s not the right way forward for a long-term requirement.

An independent agent would be from the same neighborhood as you are and has a fair knowledge about the challenges the local community presents. Having the local insight allows the agents to select the optimal policy that fits the coverage specifications for the perils you might face in your area.

As they are closer to you, they offer you personalized service, from sharing valuable opinions to completing the claim filing paperwork, hassle-free.

An Association of a Lifetime

As each year passes, your financial prospects change, with your monetary priorities fluctuating with the market trends. On the same lines, your insurance preferences might also vary over time.

The independent agents regularly present prolific insurance solutions to match your current fiscal profile. If your financial situation is not sound, they are adept at suggesting you alternative policies to keep you afloat.

They update you about any changes in the insurance policies’ terms and conditions, ensuring you know the increased rates.

A One-stop Shop for All Insurance Needs

You might need personal insurance for your home and business insurance for a smooth operation. It does not make sense to work with different insurance agents for various policies.

Renowned independent insurance agents have affiliation with over dozens of insurance companies. When you engage these independent agents, you are at an advantage, as you can fulfill all your insurance needs under one roof.

An experienced independent insurance agent is a dedicated advisor, presenting you with the best insurance policies from top companies to match your insurance requisites. It is best to work with them if you wish to make an effortless insurance policy purchase with the best possible coverage for all your assets.