Top 7 Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors


Jan 21, 2021

You are likely to invest a great deal of money in aluminum doors and windows. So, it is always a smart move to get it from a reputed center only. Well, LIXIL Window Systems Pvt Ltd will be the best call for you to make, especially if you want the items to last long.

Using modern technology and the latest trends, this company can create premium quality aluminum doors to match their client’s flexible mindset. So, no matter whatever kind of option you are looking for, chances are high that you can get it from TOSTEM India aluminum windows quickly. Just be sure to check out the seven advantages of procuring such aluminum windows and doors from LIXIL India before you finally decide on the right investment.

  • Durability is off the charts:

You will realize that the aluminum window design can resist all kinds of elements, and the primary material won’t rust at all due to Anodized TEX Guard Coating. These doors and windows are always on higher durability count as the material remains resistive to corrosion.

Because of the certified and patented surface treatments from TOSTEM, their doors and windows can retain the performance well and even the aesthetics of the products for a more extended period. No matter the surrounding weather condition, LIXIL Window Systems Pvt Ltd has products to suit your requirements well.

  • Cost is the second factor:

If you are currently looking for cost-effective options under aluminum doors and windows, then the ones from TOSTEM will cover up all your needs well. Aluminum happens to be cheaper than timber, with minimal maintenance cost and it is excellent for the long run. With better energy performance, the perfect aluminum window design will turn out to have more affordable rates when compared to the uPVC alternatives here.

  • Maintenance is another point to consider:

You don’t want to spend a hefty amount of time just cleaning the TOSTEM India aluminum windows as TOSTEM windows are dust and scratch resistant. That’s why people aim for the aluminum options, where maintenance is easy, quick, and cheap. You don’t have to bother to spend hours cleaning up the windows and even the aluminum doors you got from LIXIL Window System now. Twice a year is enough.

  • Energy efficiency at its best:

The items that you get from LIXIL Window Systems Pvt. Ltd. are known for their energy-efficient factor. So, these windows and doors from TOSTEM will have better thermal insulation performance. Not only that, you will receive some right glass options for the glazed windows and doors which will maintain the room temperature insulated from outside. From pattern to plain textured, options are plenty to choose from.

  • Quality assurance as per global standards:

Every country has its own set of standards to define the safety standard of the products to be used in housing projects. In India, ASTM (American Standards for Testing and Materials) and BS (British standards) are commonly used standards of testing by the home builders and engineers. All TOSTEM Aluminum windows are tested as per all major Global standards like ASTM, BS, and in addition to these – American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), and SGS System Certification ISO 9001.

  • Eco-friendly is another key:

Let’s not forget that the aluminum doors and windows from LIXIL India are eco-friendly.

TOSTEM Aluminum windows is contributing to the realization of a more sustainable society in several ways, such as reducing CO2 emissions through energy-saving windows and doors, recycling waste materials. These sustainable properties make TOSTEM products reusable to the infinity. Aluminum is always more environment-friendly when compared to uPVC.

  • Looks pretty amazing:

If you are looking for windows and doors to enhance your house’s look, you better watch for aluminum window design. With so many designs options like minimum or no sash, minimal sightline, natural colours, gloss finish, bigger glass unit apertures, you will indeed find one matching your personality and style quotient well.

So, waste no time further and get yourself some premium quality aluminum doors and windows from the company mentioned already. You won’t regret making this decision at all.