Top Places for Studio Apartment to Look Out for in Mumbai


Mar 18, 2021

The ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai is an exciting place to live in. Often called the financial capital of India, this metropolitan city offers numerous work opportunities to people from all walks of life.

A popular reason why many people migrate to Mumbai from all over the country, aiming for a better lifestyle. But with the ever-growing population and urbanisation of Mumbai, it is also one of the most congested cities in our country. No wonder it is hard to find a suitable residence in such a vast city!

So, if you are keen on buying an apartment or availing of a home loan for the same, here are the top places for studio apartments in Mumbai to look out for.


The home of trade and commerce establishments, Chembur is one of the most prime locations in Mumbai. This famous industrial suburb offers superb studio apartments along with many geographic benefits. These include fantastic infrastructure and easy accessibility to facilities like malls, hospitals, amusement parks, restaurants, schools, libraries, gymnasiums, municipal swimming pools, etc.

Furthermore, Chembur has excellent connectivity to the main areas of Mumbai. It connects Central Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, and its suburban railway station conveniently connects to CST in South Bombay.


Known as India’s entertainment capital, Bandra is an upscale coastal suburb. It is one of the plush places of Mumbai with numerous corporate hubs, restaurants, malls, and famous schools. Popularly known as the Queen of suburbs, Bandra is a perfect place to buy a studio apartment if you want to experience the best of Mumbai – a pollution-free and calm environment!

However, Bandra is also one of the most expensive places to buy residential property due to its high-rise buildings and posh locality. But despite the high real estate prices, you can readily get a loan to finance your studio apartment at affordable home loan interest rates from any trusted lender!


Andheri is another premium place to find your ideal studio apartment. It includes posh locations, including Versova and Lokhandwala. The city’s excellent connectivity to major regions of the city, plenty of commercial spaces and beautiful locations make it a great choice. Versova and Lokhandwala are both very affluent areas with soaring property prices. Thus, it will be prudent to check your home loan eligibility and apply for a loan to support your purchase.


Home to many Indian celebrities, Juhu is a famous upscale area to buy your apartment in. It is known for its Juhu beach, stunning views, and opulent living. Well-connected to rest of the Mumbai, Juhu offers residential properties at exorbitant prices. So, if you plan to take a loan to purchase a studio apartment here, make sure to use a home loan EMI calculator to plan a suitable tenure.

To sum up

Home to the glamorous film industry of India, Bollywood, Mumbai is known for its fast-paced culture. And for always staying on the list of most expensive cities to buy real estate in India.

However, thanks to a host of well-known lenders offering financing at reasonable home loan rates, getting a studio apartment at the places mentioned above is feasible without breaking your bank.