What is Midflorida?


Oct 2, 2021

Midflorida is basically a non-profit cooperative bank. It has more than 60 branches established in Florida, and they are from Tampa Bay to Treasure Coast and Gainesville to Naples.

What are the services that you get from Midflorida?

Midflorida gives you excellent banking service as it deals in the sector of online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit, it offers you different types of loans such as car loans, house loans, etc.

It also comes with its routing number which has many wonderful advantages such as: –

  • You will be able to make a direct deposit in any account.
  • Useful in automatic payment of bills.
  • Helps to set up your account online
  • It makes you able to do electronic funds transfers.
  • Enable you to receive your funds in an electronic way.

The routing number that belongs to Midflorida credit union is 263179804.

Sometimes irony happens, which leads to changing your routing number. It may be in that situation when your bank is merged with another bank or acquired by another bank.

In this situation, you don’t have to be impatient. You just keep calm and do the following mentioned things:

  • Keep Calm and wait for the instructions that will be given by the bank if your routing or account number changed.
  • Once you get to know your new routing number then update your routing number so that you may be able to do automatic payments of different bills.
  • Don’t be over-excited, the last thing is that you also have to overlook your past statement and be confident that everything is updated.

Routing number vs Account Number: –

There is something that is similar in both routings as well as account number and also some more things that are totally different.  But they both are equally important because for using routing numbers for wired transactions you also need an account number then only your transaction will be successful.

Some of its differences are as given below:

Routing Number Account Number
It has a 9 digits number as given by the ABA’s Routing Number Policy. Its number may contain 5 to 10 digits.
Bank doesn’t have any right to choose its own system for Routing Numbers. All banks have their own right to choose their own system for account numbers.

Similarities between Routing Number and Account Numbers

Both routings, as well as account numbers, help to recognize the owner of the account.
Both provide the address of the bank from which the bank is opened.

Do you need a Midflorida Routing Number to do any international transaction from your Midflorida Account?

It’s simple answer is no. Because in the case of doing international transactions you only need to check the SWIFT/BIC Code. On another hand, a routing number is only suitable for doing transactions inside the country.


A routing number is something just like your house number. It helps to identify where you receive funds. And its main purpose is to give you hustle free and paperless experience in doing fund transfers.