What Is The Scope Of B Pharma In India


Apr 22, 2020

Pharmacy involves the practice of discovering, preparing and certifying drugs to ensure they’re not only safe but effective too. The scope for working in the pharmaceutical industry is huge as there are a variety of roles that can be fulfilled including those of

  • Compounding and dispensing of medicines
  • Reviewing and Certification
  • Small-business proprietors
  • Pharmacy Technicians

The advancements in medicinal sciences paired with more robust technology has enabled pharmaceutical sciences to become a diverse field with a lot of emphasis being placed on the study of a drug or medication action. A Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is one of the fundamental requirements for obtaining a license to work as a pharmacist, which is just one of the many roles to take up in the industry. Whenever a new drug is set to be released in the market, it has to go through an extensive screening test to determine whether it is safe for use or not. Any potential side effects associated with the drug might lead to patients developing severe health complications, with some even proving to be fatal. The pharmaceutical industry plays a major role in the approval process of such drugs. The healthcare sector as a whole is highly dependent upon this industry in several other domains such as the availability of raw materials, ease of manufacture and the success rate of human trials.

Students who complete a B pharma degree may go on to put their skills to use in various industries that are not necessarily related to the healthcare sector. Educational institutes, Food and Drug administration centres and Research agencies are also in need of students from B pharma colleges. Other job opportunities in the country include

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Drug Therapist
  • Health Inspector
  • Lab Scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Research Officer

While most students go on to work at private pharmaceutical companies, there are plenty of vacancies in the public sector as well, which offer lucrative pay packages. Then, of course, there is the chance to pursue higher studies in this field, which will open up doors to specialized positions at top pharmaceutical companies such as

  • Ranbaxy
  • Cipla
  • Zydus
  • Biocon
  • Glenmark

Choosing a good B pharma college is thus a crucial step towards achieving success in the field. Ideally, the academic curriculum should include a range of core subjects that are relevant in the current scenario, such as Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Since this subject is highly dependent on practical experiments, good laboratory facilities are a must too. India has its fair share of excellent B pharma colleges which boast some of the most advanced facilities in the country. One such example is People’s University, one of the more recent additions to the elite list of universities in Bhopal. The college has steadily ascended the ranks to become one of the best B Pharma colleges to study medical sciences in the region. What separates this college from the rest is the inclusion of highly experience faculty on campus paired with top-notch facilities. Entry to the program is therefore quite competitive, with only a limited number of students receiving an acceptance letter.