10 Secrets for a Highly Effective Trade Show Event!

Trade shows are a highly effective and recommendable way to promote your business. Nowadays, trade shows have become very common, every successful company sets up a trade booth to boost up their sales, and as well as struggling companies also set up these booths so that they can attract customers and increase their sales. Setting up a trade show booth is just the beginning, to increase your customers, your trade booth should be really attractive, so that people can get their attention diverted to your booth. Here are few tips of setting up a trade show booth which diverts people’s attention towards your booth:

Start Way Before

Many industries or multi-national companies start advertising way before the time. Either they give away their products or print their company’s logo on pencils, t-shirts, caps, etc. It is the best way to promote your trade booth, as people will know that your firm does exist in the industry. Thousands of people attend these type of fairs, if you start early, there is a chance that you might get the longest queue.

Create the buzz

Do you want people to talk about your company? All you need to do is create a great sense of humor. Try not to bore the attendees, talk positive with them, even if not about your company or product, talk about that in which they are interested. The buzz is not created when you promote your business, instead, it is created when you have something humorous to talk with them.

Sneak Peak on the Opposite Parties

Even if you are prepared at your best level, always know what the against the party has prepared for the event. Try to compete with them, never lose hope that they are well-known, and your company is still struggling to come at the top. See what they are bringing to attract the customers, presentations? Collection boxes? Qualified staff? Always encourage yourself by the opposition party’s strength.

Great Display, More Customers

When a company gets many customers, they lose their interest in trade show booths and they come unprepared. Presentation is always better, as the quote says ‘the first impression is always the last impression’, try to make your first impression great. Come with the best material you have and invest some healthy amount of money. Attendees can easily be attracted if you have a great display.

The Longest Lines

If you want to create the longest line outside your trade show booth, then you have to give something for free. Trade show engagement can only be exciting when people hear something is given away for free. Give away t-shirts or caps and describe them about your business, in detail, while giving away the free product. If possible, you could also let people try your product, and get their reviews on it, though this seems a bit unsure, this is the best you can do.

Make Friends

The ones you have spied before, let’s be friends with them. Though the whole day of the trade show event would be very exhausting, try to make out with other companies too. It not only widens up your social group but also helps you make contacts with different companies and brands. Be the life of the party, try to engage with everyone, be friends with those who help you boost up your business.


Continuous description and long lectures can bore anyone, try to indulge your audience with your product, and never force them to choose your product. Try introducing videography to business, show the attendees a detailed video of your product or your company. Though a little bit of description never hurts, try to make it as short as possible. You could also keep a range of items on display, which are related to your product, it also attracts many customers.

Get People’s Attention

To increase your sales, you have to do a lot of things. The more creative you get, the more attention you will get by the attendees of the trade show event. Once people bought Penguins to their trade show booth, people were very amazed seeing that and gathered around that booth. Even if you have a low budget, explore your imagination, you will surely come up with a better idea.

Send E-mails in Advance

Many people attend the trade show event without even missing them once, and some of them are very well-known too. Try sending out pre-event e-mails to the people you want to visit your booth. This strategy works many times, and people do search for the booths they got e-mails from, and visit their booths and show a positive interest. The management department mostly knows these people’s names, and sometimes they do provide them to the trade show booth managers.

Geographic and Climatic factors

When the trade show event is held on a sunny day, ditch the t-shirts, give away free sunglasses and sunscreens. People will appreciate your act of kindness, as well as, more people are going to visit your stall. Sometimes the attendees get very difficult to handle so keep in mind that you have the highest tolerance level. If you give away free items, there may be a chance that your booth might be the part of the buzz.

Be Sober With The Backdrop

An attendee takes just 2 to 3 seconds noticing your backdrop, so do not try to be too fancy with that. Stay simple and make it look attractive, rather than too informative. Once the attendee is hooked up with your booth, then there is a lot of time to go into detail with him or her. Always try to work on the display materials, and give the slightest attention to the backdrop.

Trade show booths are a great way to advertise your product. If you follow these few tips while setting up the booth, you are surely going to attract more attendees. Be simple, be creative and always look for greater opportunities.