5 Reasons Customizing Your Virtual Background With Your Company Logo Is Beneficial


Aug 29, 2022

As remote work becomes more popular in the business sphere, many in-person meetings are shifting to online calls. These calls may seem more casual, but one way to increase their formality is to invest in a zoom background with company logo. Switching a team’s or company’s background to a standardized and branded option can improve the quality of your meetings and give a professional air to all of your remote work communications.

Continue To Establish Your Brand

The common saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely applies to company logos. Entire agencies specialize in creating a memorable but simple design that communicates the unique vision of your company.

Since so much work goes into a logo, use it in a zoom background to further establish your brand with clients and other professionals. A google meet custom background can put the company’s logo in a prominent position during every virtual meeting, ensuring it stays in all meeting participants’ minds.

Create a Professional Environment

Moving work out of the office and into the home is a modern advancement that has many advantages. Remote work saves money on real estate and saves employees’ time that would otherwise be spent commuting. One potential disadvantage, however, is that many home offices don’t resemble the professional environment of an in-person office.

A custom background instills the professionalism of an office setting wherever a person may be working. Branded backgrounds serve as a reminder of the work being done and project a put-together appearance when working from home.

Minimize Background Distractions

It’s essential to keep your audience engaged in a zoom meeting. Since the screen acts as a barrier between you and the people you’re addressing, they may start to tune out earlier than they would in an in-person meeting.

Distractions like pets or children in the background can derail a meeting so thoroughly that your audience won’t hear a word of your presentation. Make sure to use a professional background to eliminate any distractions and keep the focus on you.

Help Keep Your Meeting on Track

Zoom meetings can also drift off-topic. A branded background keeps the focus on the company. Using this particular background only for official business can keep a zoom meeting from feeling like other zoom calls and keep you in a productive mindset.

Position Your Company at the Forefront of Your Field

Many remote teams use varied backgrounds or no backgrounds at all during their virtual meetings. This can give the appearance of a group of individual actors rather than a unified front.

Upgrading to a customized background with your company logo is a great way to set your company and your team, specifically, ahead of the pack. Since the background and company logo are present throughout the whole call, the image of professionalism and unity enhances the entire virtual meeting.

In competitive fields, small details and advantages are what sets companies apart. Don’t neglect your virtual office background for teams. A simple change to a logo background can have a range of beneficial effects for you and your company.