5 Ways you can Surprise your Brother


Mar 31, 2020

What comes to your mind when you hear something about the creature named brother? Probably some childhood memories of fighting! But isn’t that what a sibling bond is, right? Remember when you used to hide the TV remote before going to school so that you can only watch your favorite show after coming back or the time when you saved your brother from your furious father’s scolding! Well, childhood was all about your sweet brother. But with time, you move away from them and are not with them to enjoy life further! Well, what you can do is surprise your bro even if you are far away from them!

Show Up at his Doorstep – A totally surprising move! Book your tickets and get on the train or plane. Show up at his door or in his garden from nowhere and see that smile on his face go wide. He will definitely enjoy your presence and it will light up his day! You can also plan a surprise visit on his birthday to make the gesture more heartwarming.

Send Thoughtful Presents – Gifts are always appreciated and are an ideal choice for surprising your brother on any occasion. If it’s Raksha Bandhan, you can send rakhi to UK or USA or to any country where your brother resides. Along with the rakhi, you can send some personalised gifts as well to surprise him the most.

Facetime Him! – Well he will love to see that bright smile of your face and video calling him randomly will just do the magic for you! Talk about everything on the video call and let him know how much he means to you. Maybe ask him about his plans and tell him to visit you to have fun like you did in childhood.

Book Concert Tickets – Well, your brother will jump in joy after getting the email of concert tickets of his favorite music band. Send it straight to his mailbox and then wait for the appreciation call from him. He will totally love this surprise. You can also plan a movie night for him. If he is married or is in a relationship, buy and send two tickets to him of his favorite genre movie.

A Netflix Account – It’s not just a normal thing, it’s an emotion! We all can agree upon the fact that we want to watch a movie or series but don’t have access to it, and in order to get the downloaded files, we waste a lot of time on it. So, a Netflix account comes handy at such times. Get one account online and send the credentials to your bro so that he can also enjoy a few shows in his leisure time.

So, these were some great ways to surprise your brother on any occasion or without a one! Make him feel special and loved with your gestures and make your bond even more stronger with your delightful gestures from time to time.