7 Reasons why India is a Preferred Destination for Android app Development

India has always been a favorite destination for mobile app development outsourcing owing to the numerous third-party vendors that are known for offering high-quality IT solutions at surprisingly low costs. Due to their reputation for offering customized mobile app development to match the vision and requirements of the client, outsourcing android app development services in India is a prudent move for businesses. https://www.getsmartcoders.com/services/mobile-app-development/android-app-development.php

Here are the most common reasons why India is a hub for Android app development.

Highly Skilled Experts

Since Android is the most widely used mobile platform in the world, Android app development experts are found in abundance in India. The companies here boast of young minds that have rich experience of developing Android apps using preferred programming languages such as Java and Kotlin and are quick to understand the client’s needs.

Value for Money

Indian outsourcing companies are known for providing extra value for money to their clients. Quality Android apps are built by these vendors usually at less than half of the in-house development costs. The low price is a great attraction for businesses that want to outsource their Android app development to some third party vendor.

Focus on User Experience

User experience is the decisive factor in the success or failure of a mobile application. Indian mobile app developers acknowledge this fact and have the know-how and tools to build the right UX framework and design as per the industry’s best practices. Their extensive experience in app-building helps them understand the needs of app users.

Reduced Development Time

Reputed Indian software development companies are known for completing app development projects and delivering the product within the agreed timeline. They share real-time updates with their clients regarding the development status and work round the clock to meet deadlines. This makes Android app development services in India an inviting option for clients.

Time Zone Advantage

For clients in western countries, the difference in time zones has worked wonders, improving collaboration between the client team and vendor. The work is done during daytime in India and is shared before the client teams start their day, thus drastically reducing the turnaround time.

Proficiency in English

Because of its colonial legacy, India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. The outsourcing company employees are well-versed in various western English accents and the client team is relived of the communication barriers that they sometimes face while working on outsourced projects.

Favorable Government Policies

The Indian government is aware of the IT potential of the country and has extended many benefits to businesses that outsource their IT projects to companies in India. Some of the significant benefits include lower relaxed foreign exchange restrictions, low tax, etc. that encourage businesses to partner with Indian companies for IT projects.

Over the years, Indian outsourcing vendors have successfully met the expectations of countless mobile app development clients across the world. Experts claim that owing to the numerous benefits they offer, Android app development services in India would be even more popular in the coming years.