Common Myths About Health Insurance of Senior Citizens

Health insurance policy is very important for senior citizens who need medical aid. Often senior citizens need medical facilities at each and every step hence, they should opt for one of the best health insurance for senior citizens to avoid high medical expenses during hospitalization. They only have to pay an affordable premium each year to get themselves insured for medical treatment or emergencies.

One has the full freedom to purchase a health insurance policy as per his requirements. These plans comprise family floater, group health insurance policies for children, senior citizen health insurance, etc. It has been seen that many families are inclined towards opting for a family floater scheme as this will enable them to cover all the members of the family under one go. But the question arises whether such kind of policy is adequate for all the members? This blog will shed light on why people are not looking to buy separate health insurance policies for their elders/senior citizens.

Some Myths and Truths

Myth: Some elderly people are always fit and do not require a medical health policy

Truth: Old age is a very delicate period of life. It has been said that old people and children are the same. Therefore, it is the duty of the children to take the utmost care of their parents in order to remain healthy and fit. Medical insurance policies have waiting periods on certain medical conditions for senior citizens that can last from months to a few years. Hence, don’t wait and purchase a separate medical health insurance policy for your elders to make their life secure within your budget.

Myth: Some elderly people already suffer from illness and purchasing a medical policy for them is not worth now

Truth: It has been observed that many people don’t want to purchase medical policies for their seniors as pre-existing illnesses or diseases are not covered under the policy. This entirely depends upon the discretion of the insurance company which you are opting for. If you look on the internet, then you will get a fair idea of the list of insurance companies which are covering pre-existing illnesses/diseases in their plans.

Myth: Elders are covered under a family floater scheme and therefore there is no need for a separate plan for them

Truth: The objective of the family floater plan is to cover all members of the family. The coverage is for the group and the amount is fixed. If the amount is utilized for any member of the family through claim then there will be no coverage for the elders in the absence of amount. Hence, you have to spend a hefty amount on the treatment of elders whether you are in a position to spend or not as per your financial condition. It is in this context, it is advisable to opt for separate health insurance policies for your seniors.

Myth: High premium of health insurance for senior citizens

Truth: It is true that the premium of health insurance policies for senior citizens is high but one can easily manage it by doing proper analysis and planning. In the absence of policies, he has to spend a huge amount in case there is an emergency or immediate medical attention needed for elders.


A senior citizen health insurance policy has several benefits. It is a request to the children to take the health of their seniors seriously and purchase a good senior citizen health insurance after taking several factors into consideration. After all, blessings of seniors are always needed and their health is our utmost priority!