What are the Challenges Faced in Chiropractic Billing?

The feeling of exasperation at the end of the month, after taking a close look at the quarter’s financial statement may be familiar to all chiropractors. Since they handle issues with the musculoskeletal system, which is the entire body, there innumerable variations to their billing. Things can get complicated and frustrating in a jiffy.

Delayed reimbursements and denied claims adversely impact a chiropractor’s bottom line. This may be the reason behind many of them spending valuable time resolving billing conundrums. Changing coding and billing regulations and the sheer amount of administrative work required to adapt them has put chiropractic practitioners in a vice.

The only feasible solution seems to be around the corner, and it looks promising.

By leveraging the chiropractic billing services, practitioners can get the strategic advantage they need to improve the bottom line of their business. Chiropractic billing service providers evaluate the challenges of medical billing and deliver solutions that help practitioners turn the tide.


Common billing problems like lack of accuracy in patient demographic information, incorrect or missing CPT codes are among the common reasons for denied claims. Medical billing service providers overcome these niggles to improve the financial stability of the chiropractic practice.

To successfully deploy a successful medical billing process, it is imperative for outsourcing service providers to familiarize themselves with the standard medical billing challenges.

Some of the biggest challenges that chiropractors encounter are as follows: –

Delayed Payments and Insurance Denials: Chiropractors are often left wondering how a claim could possibly have been denied despite the hard work put in by the billing staff. They don’t realize that a lack of standard requirements such as data review steps that amplify the success of submitted claims are missing in their practice.

Inaccurate Coding: Medical coding is a difficult job. More so in the case of chiropractors. They have to rehabilitate patients with a wide variety of injuries. This means that the chiropractic billing process is complex and varied. Small mistakes from the billing staff such as the mention of the wrong CPT code can result in denial. This is due to a large number of clinical technicalities that the CPT codes used in chiropractic billing, cover.

Poor Collections: More often than not, a chiropractor’s billing team is devoid of an efficient accounts’ receivables management strategy. No one is calling or sending out emails to the patient or their insurance company about outstanding payments. This is because they are swamped with the bill generation process for new patients.

Outdated Systems: – Medical billing software systems today use a wide variety of advanced features. From CRM features to smart notifications, a modern medical billing system helps billing teams to identify errors in documenting a patient’s treatment. They help identify the common reasons before they have a chance to lead to a denied claim.

Chiropractors have their work cut out for them if they are to tackle common problems that are causing them revenue loss. Leveraging chiropractic billing services to tackle these challenges is certainly the way forward.