How and Where Can You Play Teen Patti Online?


Oct 15, 2021

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular each year and this is especially the case in India. It’s no secret that Indians love to play games and even do so with real money. India has a knack for gambling and sports betting and casino table games are the top contenders here. It’s not surprising that many gambling companies offshore are now offering their services to the country and you can easily tell that they are now penetrating the Indian gaming market by offering games like Teen Patti.

Teen Patti is one of the most competitive card games today and it is origin is India. It’s also called Flash or Flush and is a bit similar to a popular British card game called three-card Brag. A group of three to six players can enjoy the game but you don’t need to gather people around nowadays if you intend to play online.

Online Teen Patti live game from 10CRIC and other sites that offer this as a live game allows you to play it with people around the world. 10CRIC, in particular, offers a total of seven Teen Patti games that are online and live casino versions. Here’s what the site offers for this game:

  • Teen Patti Live by Super Spade Games
  • K2 Teen Patti Live by Super Spade Games
  • Teen Patti Live by Ezugi
  • Teen Patti 20/20 by Ezugi
  • Live Teen Patti 20-20 by Super Spade Games
  • Live Teen Patti 20-20 VIP by Super Spade Games
  • Teen Patti Rapid by WOOHOO

How Does Teen Patti Work Anyway?

If you’ve never played this game before, don’t worry as we’ll be sure to cover the basics! Traditional Teen Patti is played by three to six players with a 52-card deck without the jokers. Like most card games, the game starts with the players placing a bet or a boot.

Generally, the bet has to be a fixed amount that players are willing to give before the cards are distributed. The boot in the middle is the amount of cash at stake or the pot money. Once all bets are in place, each player will then receive three cards that are faced down.

Once all the players already have their cards, everyone will then decide to make a call or raise. This means the players get a chance to continue the game and not raise his or her bet or continue the game and raise the bet too. It sounds similar to playing a game of poker but Teen Patti requires an equal amount of bets. The bets will rotate clockwise from the dealer and the first player has the opportunity to look or not look at the cards (Blind).

If the player chooses to take a look at his card, he can choose chaal but this means that he has to bet twice the present stake if the previous player is playing seen. He or she can also just bet twice the current stake or even four times the stake for playing Blind. The player can also just choose other options based on how the game progresses.

As the game continues, the bigger the pot is. The winner will be the person who stays in the game until the hand is completed. If one person remains at the end, he or she will win the pot regardless of what his or her cards are. However, if there are multiple players left on the table, the winner will be decided based on card rankings.

Here’s a guide for the card ranking starting from high to low:

  • Set or Trail (3 cards belonging to the same rank)
  • Pure sequence or Straight flush (Same suit along with a sequence)

 Ex: 7♠, 6♠, 5♠ or 8♦, 9♦, 10♦

  • Sequence or Normal run (3 successive cards not belonging to the same suit)

Ex: 6♠, 7♣, 8♦

  • Color (Same suit but not in sequence)
  • Pair (2 cards belonging to the same rank) – the one with the highest value is the winner between two pairs. If both pairs have the same value, the kicker’s card will be the basis of the winner.
  • High card (A is the highest and 2 is the lowest) – if both players have common high cards, the next highest card will then be used to pick a winner.

Things to Keep in Mind

Overall, Teen Patti requires you to be good at bluffing if you want to win. It would help if you play Blind on the first few rounds. This could confuse the other players on the table especially if you are bluffing them right. This could also help increase the pot money. If you’re not confident about your cards, you can go for the side option from the previous player. The player who has a better hand can continue playing. This could help you decide on your next move which is whether you