How People Can Contribute Towards The Enhancement Of Security Of Mobile Applications?


Nov 27, 2020

 As the advancements in technology are visible nowadays the mobile applications have become very much popular among the people which is the main reason everybody prefers mobile phones in comparison to laptops and computers. The mobile phones are very easy to carry as well as use which is the main reason behind their success. Now every task of the professional and personal life can be performed very easily on mobile phones which are the main reason behind the popularity of mobile applications.

  People have engaged themselves in several kinds of activities which are only possible with the help of mobile phones and the best part is that people can now also perform various transactions with the help of mobile phones very easily. Hence, the business houses can gather a lot of information about the customers with the help of phone number, address, location, and several other related things. In this way, business organizations can formulate various kinds of personalized marketing strategies so that consumers are highly satisfied and companies make the most precise decisions. Hence it is very much important for the companies to pay proper attention to the app security of mobile applications.

 The mobile app security-related images can be termed as the concept that helps in undertaking various kinds of things so that complete security to the applications can be provided and it is always free from malware and other frauds very easily. In case the applications are not protected from all these kinds of threats then there can be a huge risk to the personal as well as financial information of the users and this particular information can be very easy to be misused by the hackers. Hence, mobile application security is the need of the hour because none of the organizations can take the risk with the most important personal and financial information of their customers. After all, if not paid attention properly then it can lead to several kinds of issues in the long run. Whenever the application security of the mobile applications will be weak it will lead to various kinds of impacts on the users and several other things. The consumers always trust those particular applications which have implemented several kinds of measures to protect their information but as a sad reality approximately more than 50% of the companies do not have any kind of specific budget for this particular part and approximately more than 35% of companies do not scan the codes which is the main reason there is a diehard need of mobile application security.

 Following are some of the adverse impacts of the week application security in the form of miss usage by the hackers:

 – Hackers can easily have access to personal consumer information: When the security of the application will be weak one can very easily get the login address of the websites and devices which is the main reason they can easily log in to social networking and making websites and can lead to several kinds of unethical transactions. Whenever the device will be infected it will automatically send the files to the hackers where they will have complete access to the personal files of the people and can miss use it up to the best possible limits. The entire data including the contact list, emails, and information about the locations will be sent to the hacker which can be very easily misused by him or her and several other issues can be created from this.

 -Hackers can gain the access to financial information of the users: In most cases, financial information for example debit card, credit card, UPI payments address, and several other things are saved on the mobile applications because of which whenever these kinds of applications will be hacked they are under great risk. Hence, in all these kinds of cases, the hackers can conduct various kinds of unauthorized transactions especially in all those cases where the OTP is never required. Hence, getting the credentials and credit card information of the users is not a safety feature and in this particular field shopping and account transfer fraud is the most common issue among the people.

 -The intellectual property-related theft: Sometimes many of the hackers go with the option of creating clones of the applications very easily and they can perform this particular thing by stealing the intellectual property of the company which owns that particular application. Hence, whenever the successful companies have various kinds of clones the brand image in the minds of consumers will be completely tarnished which is the main reason these kinds of applications are easily available on the play store. Hence, this is one of the biggest threats to all the organizations which are operating based on e-commerce platforms and applications, and to protect their applications from the unethical practices of the hackers is very much important. Hence, for this purpose, the companies must pay proper attention to the application security so that they can deal with all these kinds of issues very easily.

 It is very much important for the companies to protect the brand image in the minds of consumers and whenever the issues which have been mentioned above occur there will be a huge loss of crucial data of the users because of which the confidence or a particular brand or company will be very well shaken. Hence, the missing usage of the information can even lead to various kinds of legal liabilities from the parties and to avoid all these kinds of issues it is very much important for the companies to launch only those applications which are top-notch in terms of security so that consumer confidence can be sustained every time.

 Hence, it is the responsibility and duty of each of the mobile application company to make sure that they undertake several kinds of safety and security measures so that consumers are highly satisfied by using those applications and performing their day to day operations.