How to Apply Makeup like a Pro


Feb 13, 2020

Cosmetic products are used by every person to enhance the look. Makeup has been around us for long times. The first known people were the Egyptians, who used cosmetics to enhance their beauty. But in those days, makeup was just eye coloring or some material for the body. Nowadays, makeup has a powerful impact on the lives of both men and women. Makeup is used as a beauty aid for building self-esteem and confidence of an individual. It helps people to stay young and attractive. Nowadays, cosmetics are readily available in various forms such as creams, lipsticks, perfumes, eye shadows, nail polishes, hair sprays, etc. All these beauty products help us to enhance our beauty. Many advances have also been coming to the makeup world, that is, many creams and lotions help us in protecting our self from harmful rays of the sun. This achievement of beauty product companies is great because, in earlier makeup products, sun protection is not available.

Now, the main thing is that, if you want to look gorgeous, then you have to apply makeup in products in the proper sequence by following proper makeup steps:

  • The first and foremost step should be washing your face with a facial cleanser to get rid of the skin impurities.
  • Then, exfoliate your skin with a face scrub to prep your skin for makeup.
  • Once you exfoliate your face, apply moisturizer on your face to make your skin smooth, so that it will become easier to apply further makeup products.
  • Then apply primer onto your face. Choose a primer that has a glowing finish for dry skin and primer having matte finish for oily skin.
  • Now apply concealer on dark circles under your eyes.
  • Now its time to apply foundation. There are so many foundations available in the market in hundreds of shades. Choose your tone and apply it to your face.
  • The next step to be followed is to apply blush or highlighter. Apply blush or highlighter on those areas of your face where sun rays hit onto it.
  • Now after applying face makeup, its time to apply eye makeup; shape your eyebrows and fill in space by using an eyebrow pencil. Now apply eyeshadow onto your lids. By applying eyeliner and mascara, your eye look completes.
  • Now apply lip liner first and then lipstick. You can opt for some shimmery colors or something matte.
  • Now its time to fix your makeup look, there are some setting sprays available in the market to fix the makeup look. You can set your makeup look by spritzing on a setting spray. While spraying the fixing spray, close your eyes and spray it from some distance.
  • Now the main thing is that don’t go into bed without removing your makeup, it can clog your face pores and can cause pimples on your face.

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