Importance Of Animated Videos In Advertising


Mar 24, 2019

Developing a product/service by a company requires years of hard work and sleepless nights. After creation of product the company begins with the selling process keeping in mind their marketing and selling strategy. However, the best products with awesome benefits and features can fail to attract customers of information. Internet and social media come as saviors as large number of potential customers can be reached easily in one go. Internet has created a platform where content regarding the product can be shared using various ways.

 Videos are termed to be the best way to promote a product but animated video gives the company the edge it wants. Animated videos help highlight the product features in a simple, unique and effective manner. They create a more lasting impact on people’s mind than simple videos and people stay engaged for a longer period. Animated videos can be 2d or 3d depending upon the type of product/service offered, company’s budget and its needs. There are hundreds of 3d and 2d animation company in Bangalore which ensure quality and certified delivery of content. Some benefits of marketing the product using an animated video are as follows:

  • Visual appeal:
    Animated videos perform the most important function of giving a visual appeal to an idea which otherwise would be impossible. With animated videos one can do whatever they want depending upon his/her imagination.
  • Persuasive the normal videos:
    Animated videos whether 2d or 3d tend to be more persuasive and attract larger customers. According to research, animated videos and other visual aids tend to be 50% more persuasive than other means of advertisements and marketing. Animated videos with their catchy graphics tend to be more attractive and help the customer understand the product better than other counterparts. They tend to be the best way to engage potential customers by providing information in an interesting and attention grabbing manner.
  • Better understanding the product:
    Animated videos prove to be useful as they give information using interesting characters and eye-catching story telling. Consumers get a better grasp of the information provided and understand how that particular product can help with their problems and make their life easier. Animated videos also intend to simplify the product and its features which can ensure a buying action.
    Animated videos also helps in giving a firsthand experience to their customers which otherwise would have been impossible. Using rich and attracting storytelling methods, animated videos bring the ideas of the company to life. This helps in building brand loyalty and longer customer retention.
  • Easy to share:
    Probably the most important benefit of creating animated videos is its wide reach ability. Animated videos can be easily shared among large number of potential customers in a short period.
  • Economical:
    Creating and distributing animated content is also economical than other modes of promotion or communication. Outsourcing the creation work to animated video production companies especially in Bangalore, hub of creative content, can prove to be cost saving.

Animated videos can thus prove to be very beneficial. Most importantly animated videos are perfect for companies which have a unique product and they cannot advertise it using other modes of communication effectively. Animated explainer videos with lively characters and story lines create a lasting impression and prove to be better than other audio visual methods.