IPL Betting: Predictions, Tips and More

With IPL (Indian Premier League) dates and schedule announced, the betting world has also geared up. The time for betting and speculation has started with people wondering who will win IPL predictions this time. It is the 13th season of IPL, which will start on March 29th and the title clash will happen on May 24th in Mumbai.

The duration of the tournament is increased by 6 days this time and there will be fewer afternoon starts. Thus, the euphoria will last for 57 days this year when not only the teams will be engrossed but a million others who will be watching, betting and playing the virtual format of the game. Read on to find out more about why people love IPL betting, predictions, and tips to bet.

Why People Bet on Cricket?

India is a cricket-loving nation where many have good or in-depth knowledge about the game. There are many who were good at it but didn’t get the opportunity to go past school or college teams. Many don’t have the physical caliber to play, but they are really good at analyzing the game and the players. They get excited just by watching, speculating or betting on who will win IPL predictions. The virtual format of the game appeals to all these people and thus they love betting on the outcomes. Besides this fun and entertainment, this gives them the opportunity to earn some money by predicting.

Tips to Bet on IPL Cricket in Virtual Mode

Many websites hold a parallel IPL tournament and you can play forming your own dream team based on your analysis and predictions. Even for newbies who don’t have much knowledge about the game, there are websites where they can get all the relevant data. They can look for tips and tricks given by professionals based on their experience on social networking sites, blogs, columns, etc. and come up with their predictions and participate in betting.

The internet helps to get all the required data regarding the players, pitch conditions, weather predictions, choosing the right combination of batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders in the team etc. Based on this data analysis, you can predict various outcomes and bet on it. This year, there are new additions to IPL, which are concussion substitute and the no-ball rule. These need to be taken into account when making a prediction. Then, you can go to a reputed betting site and based on your analysis you can bet on different outcomes. When betting, you have to keep the odds in mind and play for only those that offer good winning odds.

Put in all your experience, knowledge and analytical skills into action to make a winning bet. There is enough data out there on internet to make logical predictions and place your bets successfully. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a reputed and genuine website to bet and enjoy this IPL season betting and winning.