On-Demand Streaming Services Are Exploiting You


Apr 23, 2022

If there is one thing that has aggrieved every indie filmmaker, it is the rise of on-demand content.


Well, where to start.

Not that there’s anything wrong with making money. After all, the entertainment industry should have the purpose of making money.

Without money, how can one expect anyone to create anything!

However, now this concept of money-making is slowly moving towards the concept of exploitation in the name of on-demand content.


In this excerpt below, we will just not be talking about the money factor but some other factors as well.

On-Demand Streaming Services Are Bad For You

Here are some of the notable reasons, as noted by users themselves.

1. Too Much Data Consumption

The data consumption if you wish to stream full HD on these platforms is really high. You wouldn’t even know, and soon all your data is over.

This is why it is so difficult to stream them online over mobile data. You always need high-speed wifi for them.

Plus, the downloading data consumption is also high. This is one of the reasons you should always opt for downloading them for free in low data from thenewpiratebay.

2. High Affordability

The affordability for these streaming platforms, especially if you are a broke college kid or have just started adulting, is really high.

Plus, it is not that you could be content with just one streaming platform. You have to download like three more because the series that you have been looking for is not there on Netflix.

There is a possibility that even after so many downloads and so many subscriptions, you might still not find the series.

3. Binging Addiction

This can take a big toll on your mental health. Even cause patients with chronic depression to gloat about that state of depression for hours on end.

This is because they have endless series of content to watch, and lying on their bed is more appealing than going out and getting some work done.

4. Low-Quality Content

Now, we know this might sound a little controversial. However, this is somewhat true.

Since ‘on demand’ content is growing on-demand at such an exponential rate, there is some haste that is coming into the art.

Rather than getting one episode at a time, we are getting all at once and too much content at once.

5. Television Advertisements Dying

Since you are the sole revenue provider for some of these platforms, there is a possibility that television advertisements will phase out.

If you are a marketer who is spending a lot on producing a television advertisement, the on-demand streaming platforms might be putting an end to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

On-demand streaming services are definitely exploiting their clients in some way or another. However, they are still a big part of the entertainment industry. So, it is understandable that you will have more questions about it.

Now that you have read the article and understood the exploitatory nature of on-demand content, here are some of the other frequently asked questions that you might see over the internet.


Here is our answer to the

1. What Is The Difference Between OTT & On-Demand?

Ans. The major difference between Over the Top content and on-demand streaming content is that OTT platforms are entertainment that is only available on the internet.

On-demand content, on the other hand, will stream both the internet content and the one which you find on television.

2. Is Netflix An OTT?

Ans. Yes, Netflix is an OTT platform. However, it is not the only OTT platform. Every other platform that you are subscribing to.

This will include Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, Disney+, etc.

They all come under the category of on-demand content.

3. What Is The Biggest Problem Of OTT Platform?

Ans. The biggest problem with OTT platforms is the fact that it leaves us with so much choice that we have forgotten to appreciate the art.

Due to the high rise of competition for on-demand content, everything is done with the attempt of haste.

This is one of the reasons why the creativity in the entertainment field is deteriorating, and it is all becoming about increment in viewers.