Pointers To Keep In Mind Before You Purchase A Water Purifier

Water contamination poses to be a serious issue as it can lead to a variety of problems. Not only drinking of contaminated water is a problem with kids but even for the adults as well.  As per environmentally inputs contamination of water can occur in a natural manner or even by human based activity. For this reason, it is essential that you go on to install the water purifier for the needs of your home or be it your commercial premises. You need to opt for the best water purifier that would enable you to get rid of impurities present in water and even product you with safe water to drink. But before we are going on to purchase a water purifier there are some pointers to consider.

Have an idea about the quality of water

A major aspect that we tend to ignore while purchasing a water purifier is the quality of water. A one on size approach does not work for all that makes it necessary to test the quality of water before you arrive at a decision. In order to test the quality of water you must seek the services of a professional and the final decision must be incorporated based on contaminants in water.

Water purifier is expected to eliminate specific type of contaminants

Water purifier rely on the use of various technologies in order to remove the contaminants present in water. But this does not mean that all water purifier is expected to remove the impurities present in water. Before you are going to purchase a water purifier you need to check out the quality of water in your area. Considering the type of water purifier in your area, you must decide UV or RO. Apart from this you can even check out water purification systems that has NCE certification.

At regular intervals the filters must be changed regularly

Mostly the water purifiers are known to be working in the same way. Water is going to pass through a removable cartridge that is being filtered medium in the form of activated carbon. Since the filter is expected to do the heavy work, after a certain point of time it becomes clogged. The moment filers tend to be clogged it is on obvious lines that the water purifier will not work in full flow. In order to ensure that you are drinking safe water you must follow the instructions suggested by the manufacturer. The prominent water filters in the market are available with alarms that is going to suggest when you need to replace the filter.

Evaluate the cost of replacing the filter

Before you make the final decision, you must consider the cost of replacing the filter. The cost is going to vary as per the model and the type of model you are going to use.  In order to avoid any confusion, you need to be aware beforehand the total cost of replacing the filter. A Better option would be to opt for AMC to cut down on the drastic repair and replacement costs.

The various types of water purifiers- An ideal one for your needs

First you must figure out that the water which reaches your home is surface or ground water. Sometimes it can be a mixture of both. If it appears to be surface water that is supplied by your municipal corporation, then the TDS level is low, and you need to protect yourself from virus along with bacteria. You might opt for a tap water purifier in some cases. But if the water that makes its way on to your home is ground water it is full of impurities, that has an impact on the taste of water. So, if the water is at high levels it can have an impact on your health.

For a thumb rule, if you are opting for ground water, the TDS must be checked with a simple TDS metre. If you figure out that the TDS level is about 550 ppm, then it is better to opt for a RO water purifier. If the level is less than 500, then you can go on to opt for a UV water purifier. Another option would be to opt for a balance of both the technologies that might work to your benefit.

The companies that are going to sell water purifiers go on to check out the TDS levels of water. aquafresh ro goes on to test this at a considerable level.

More inputs about a water purifier

You must locate a water purifier that is near the source of water and even an electrical point where earthing assumes to be of considerable importance. Make it a point that the water purifier is kept away from direct light or sunlight. If you feel that the space is an issue you can go on to keep the space open. In any case most of the modern-day households have wall mounted water purifiers. Though most of the modern-day apartments have an outlet near the kitchen so that the water purifier can be directly connected.

Power supply is another point to consider when you are about to choose a water purifier. If there are frequent power outages in your area, then you need to choose a water purifier that has storage capacity. The non-versions of water purifier rely more on gravity and not on electricity in any way. This would be a better option to consider if you have proper electric supply where you reside.

Nowadays most of us go on to choose a water purifier online. But even before you are planning to undertake an online search you need to have a budget in mind. This is going to help you choose a water purifier that encompasses all specific parameters even the TDS levels. In addition, if your budget is low you can opt for alternate water purifiers in the market. They go on to perform the task in an efficient way.