Make Learning Biology Easy by Getting the Right Apps

Biology has always been one of the subjects that have puzzled me since high school. So when my cousin came to me asking for help with biology homework, I began looking for some help for myself. I found an eye-opening website that suggested informative and entertaining biology apps. 

Great Apps to Learn Basic Biology

  1. Biology 2020 had a flashcard component that was very helpful. 
  2. Complete Biology had great references for the various vocabulary. 
  3. Khan Academy had incredibly helpful and descriptive videos on a lot of biology subjects. 

These apps and all of the others can be very beneficial to your education. 

Understanding the basics

Newbies to the biology subject may be very confused as to what the subject entails because there is just so much going on with science, the human body, and cellular activity at every level of nature. So that’s where you have to start. The cells are the building blocks of all natural phenomena and scientific theory, so developing your knowledge of the cell is going to set you up for success in the rest of your biology studies. 

If you’re using these apps to help get ready for a class, then studying the history of biology will be incredibly useful as well. As scientific theory changed throughout the years, many breakthroughs helped the public understand the finer details of biology, and these mobile apps will teach you all of these theories with mini-lessons, videos, and flashcards so that you can be ready for class with any biology definition. 

Biology and function of the body

Once you’ve mastered the cell theories, you’ll be getting down to the human biology and anatomy side of the subject. This requires a ton of memorization, so mobile apps with flashcards can be a huge help. With countless parts and functions, the human body can be a very difficult subject of study. Fortunately, these mobile apps provide diagrams and interactive tools to help guide you through each layer of the labyrinth that is the human body. 

More specific subjects regarding biology such as DNA, genetics, and reproduction may require study apps that go into more depth on specific subject matter. Many of these mobile apps have all of the potential subjects that branch off of biology like evolution as well, so you can be sure to take your studies to higher levels once you’ve mastered the basics. Having a full understanding of all of the smaller branch subjects will help you ace any of the exams instead of just getting by on basic knowledge. 

Biology relating to animals

Now, learning about the human body may not be for everyone, but learning about animals and their biology can be a lot of fun. If you’re considering going into a field like a zoology or attending veterinarian school, then learning about the biology behind animals is going to be essential for your success in those disciplines. 

No matter what your major, biology mobile apps have useful tools to get to know the biology behind all of your favorite animals, from the rarest species to the canine you’ve got on your couch. You can scan graphs of all of the kingdoms, phyla, and species, along with learning specific animal anatomy that differs between humans, mammals, birds, and reptiles. You can even watch instructional videos of dissections to learn without having to get out of your scalpel and smell the formaldehyde yourself. 


No matter what sort of scientific study is required of you or what field of science you’d like to study towards your career, biology provides the building blocks for scientific learning. And mobile apps can provide the building blocks for biology study.