Simple Commercial Cleaning Tips


Oct 21, 2019

If you’re an entrepreneur or just an average employee, or cleaner, you’ll notice that even though people can get away with workspaces at home, nobody likes a truly messy one, no matter how cluttered it gets. That being said, you’ll also know that there are special ways to go about it. Even people who clean their offices regularly don’t remember to wipe things down with sanitary wipes in the most prominent traffic areas. Clean your mattress is particularly important in humid environments where surface sweat and moisture are unlikely to evaporate after you get out of bed.

Because of the health risks that you can cause everyone to face by having a dirty office, if you care about your other employees, then you’ll want to make sure that you have professional cleaning done. If you don’t end up hiring out (or even if you do hire someone internally, or just do it yourself), here are some tips from a New Jersey company that can help you get the most professional cleaning done possible.

  1. Organization is Key
    Having organization is extremely important. If you look at your workspace, then you’ll notice that there are ways to eliminate some of the clutter, while allowing other clutter to be remaining, but still be neatly put away.
  2. Checklists are Great!
    Just like anything else that you write a to-do list for, you should also make one for your job to get them done. While you may not think it’s much, this 5 minutes you use per day wiping down your area with a sanitary wipe with bleach or even just a sanitizer can make a difference. And if you’re actually a full team of people, then everyone should do their part at their own workspaces.
  3. Carpets
    Carpets are great at attracting dirt, debris, bacteria, and other problematic things in it. You’ll want to actually vacuum the carpet, and not just go over it once. Make sure you use an industrial model vacuum, even if it’s a handheld, or a professional cleaner to get the job done.
  4. Clean with the Environment in Mind
    Using products that allow you to use biodegradable items will benefit not only your health, but also the environment. At the same time, there are many natural solutions that are actually more effective than some of the harsh chemical cleaners. If you’re wanting to mask the smell, you can always do that later.
  5. Cleaning Desk and Computers
    As we mentioned earlier, every employee should keep their workspace clean if you have multiple employees. As far as computers, keyboards, and more. A simple alcohol wipe or sanitizer can greatly help with your keyboards, which collect dirt frequently. Another thing you can do is utilize in things like air dusters (there are “green” solutions for this), and special vacuum attachments that are designed for getting in the crevices of keyboards.


No matter whether you’re doing the cleaning yourself, or even if you’re outsourcing your office cleaning. These tips will not only help you be more productive throughout the day while only taking moments of your time, but also you’ll know that you’re going to get a greater benefit to yours and your other employees’ or coworkers’ health in the process as well.