Why Any Plumbing Job Should Be Performed By A Licensed Plumber


Oct 21, 2019

Hiring a plumber isn’t always necessary if you just have a clogged toilet that needs plunged, or even just a slow drain that may have the same issues. However, if you can’t just solve all of your problems that easily, then you may want to look into making sure you hire a licensed plumber.

Why Hire a Licensed Plumber?

There are many reasons. For example, your plumber should be licensed and insured to not only assure you of their quality of work and not only to protect themselves. The other reason they’re licensed and insured is to protect you from any accidents, and protect you from the liability of any of those said accidents that may happen.

Professional Plumbers Guarantee

Most of the best professional plumbers will be able to help do all the dirty work when it comes to having to get into crawlspaces and offering service warranties. There are even some products that a professional plumber will be able to perform that requires no future maintenance during the warranties of the items that they provide or install.

Better at Emergencies

When it comes to emergency plumbing issues, many plumbers can come in and be able to help you in these situations. The best plumbers are actually on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair any problems that may arise for you.

Some Cost Effectiveness

If you have to have a big plumbing project, even if you could do it yourself, you can sometimes greatly benefit by having a plumber come into the mix. The biggest reason being, they can save you by fixing problems that may be causing you to have higher utility bills immediately, and they can actually often get discounts on items since they’re a licensed contractor from places like home hardware and home department stores.

Customer Service is Key

Sometimes, you may notice that there are plumbers that don’t always provide the best attitude even if their work is great. The best plumbers however will ensure that you have a great customer service experience and be completely professional, and not only treat you like a customer, but also like you’re a part of their family as well.

Licensed plumbers have to go through years of rigorous hands-on training and a lot of paperwork in order to actually become licensed professionals and get out of their journeyman’s license period. You can also be sure to know that a licensed and insured plumber will have more than the necessary skills needed for whatever job you have to tackle. What’s even better? They may offer you quality advice in the process, should you be able to tackle the problem yourself just as quickly and easily in the future.


If you’re looking for the best plumber in your local area, and you think you’re going to need one, one extra tip that we can give you is that if you know where your water main is, and you have something like a water leak, while you’re on the phone with your plumber, you’ll help them greatly by shutting off your home’s water supply before they get there, or while you’re on the phone with them. Make sure you ask if the plumber you choose is licensed and insured, and if you’re in the San Diego area, don’t hesitate to give Core Plumbing Book Estimate, the best plumbers in the area a call.