Sticky Bonuses Slot Feature Explained


Dec 23, 2020

Playing slots is all about the entertainment factor, but hitting the bonus rounds is the ultimate aim of any slots player. The bonus round is the actual center piece of slot games and if the bonus round has had special attention paid to it by slot creators, then chances are that the slot will be a big hit with the public. The bonus on slot games should not be a one hit wonder. If punters hit the bonus and playing it once is enough, then the slot game has some major problems. Bonus rounds should be so enthralling that gamers want to hit the bonus over and over again. A technique that slot creators use is to have multiple bonus rounds available that can be gambled away for the chance of bagging a more lucrative one. Games like King Kong Cash and Ted at Slotzo have this feature and it helps keep bonus rounds fresh with punters. 

Why All The Focus On Bonus Rounds? 

Bonus rounds are important to slot creators as well as players. A good or bad bonus round can be the difference between the success and failure of a slot game. Most classic slots that have longevity come armed with an addictive bonus round. For punters, bonus rounds are important because they allow players some free games on the house, with the added chance of winning big. Bonus rounds allow gamblers to recoup some of their losses without spending their own casino bank balance. 

Different Types Of Bonus Rounds 

Bonus rounds reflect the talent, creativity and advances in technology that designers have at their disposal today. Bonuses are more extravagant and multilayered than at any time in the history of online slots. Wild symbols are still an integral part of bonus rounds and these symbols can be active in different ways. Roaming wilds move on the reels during each spin. They either stay on the reels for the entire bonus, or until they fall off the reels.  Expanding wilds expand to fill entire reels when they land during a bonus and these can be very lucrative if more than one lands at any single bonus spin. The most entertaining of the wild orientated bonus rounds are the ones involving sticky wilds. In fact, all bonuses involving wilds are far more interesting than money trails or other bonuses involving picking symbols with hidden cash prizes. 

Sticky Wild Bonuses 

As already mentioned, sticky wilds are special symbols that all punters want to see in a sticky wild bonus round. If they land on the reels during free spins they either remain in place for the duration of the entire round, or for a limited number of spins. Obviously the best bonuses are those that allow these special symbols to remain in place for the entire bonus. Games such as Lil’ Devil, Danger High Voltage and Rumple Wildspins are great examples of slots with bonus rounds that leave sticky wilds in place for the entire bonus and the results have been some huge wins for punters.