How Live-Streaming Is Changing The Entertainment Industry

How humans are entertained has evolved constantly throughout history, usually hand in hand with advancements in technology. The Romans fought each other in arenas, the Greeks put on plays in amphitheatres, and Knights in Britain duelled and fenced. Thankfully, for the safety of all involved, things have moved on somewhat and the invention of electricity, the radio, music recording, and television has brought immense opportunities for new ways to be entertained.

But perhaps one of the most important inventions in recent years has been live streaming. Live streaming is where an event, action, or similar is simultaneously filmed and streamed over the internet, in real-time. This means that viewers around the world can tune in from their mobile, tablet, or computer to watch something take place live. It is popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as more general streaming sites like YouTube, and of course communication platform Zoom.

Live streaming is popular because it gives people the freedom to watch an event as it happens from the comfort of wherever they are. This could be a show in a theatre, a sporting event, an interview, or a music performance.

Entertainment in real-time

But watching live entertainment is not something new. ‘Live’ television has been around for a while except this was streamed digitally via television channels, instead of over the internet on social media. It is, however, changing the way we watch the news.

Users can now stream their favourite channels via various platforms without having to purchase permission to view the actual channel. They can also tune in for ad-hoc reporting or spontaneous broadcasts. The beauty of live streaming reporting is that it’s not edited or produced in any way. This means the viewer can watch without being subject to bias or editorial lines, rather they see the action unfold in real-time.

In terms of entertainment and asides from television and news, live streaming has been harnessed in several other ways. People have been live-streaming auctions, charity events, fun runs, and other kinds of adventures. It is also being utilised by online gambling companies that use this technology to stream online table games. Using live dealers for games like blackjack, jackpots, roulette, and similar, the game can be live-streamed to the player and they are also able to interact. This has opened up the industry to countless new players who want to enjoy a more interactive gambling experience. The fact the game such as poker takes place in real-time, in front of their eyes, and with a real person, is also great for boosting consumer trust.

Education too

Live-streaming has also found a purpose in the world of education. Lessons, lectures, and seminars can be live-streamed to students wherever they are. The content can also be saved and re-streamed on-demand. This has huge implications for the education system and has the possibility of making higher and further education more accessible, regardless of geographic location.

As we move into 2021, live-streaming is becoming a part of our work, business, and social lives. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see new, improved, and more exciting examples of live-streaming technology disrupting the way we do things.