Want To Play Games Associated With Mythology? Here Are 8 Best Picks For You


Oct 23, 2020

Playing games will always be the most entertaining way to spend your time and effort, and not just for kids, but even for adults. It is always exciting to play a game which is designed along mythical boundaries and draws inspiration from real-world mythology. Some gamers ardently prefer choosing such games over anything action-based or even fast-paced.

It does not matter whether a game is based on an ancient tale or happens to be a modern spin of a fanatical world. As long as it builds a unique culture around the gameplay and offers an interactive medium for a player to enjoy, the game will definitely grab eyeballs and draw people towards it. Games based on mythology are certainly more interactive and gripping, which is why you may want to check these out.

Interesting Games Based On Mythology 

Portal 2

Follow the characters of the game to discover a huge plot that revolves around the mythological figures of ancient Greek culture. The solid elements found in the game present an opportunity to engage in  rather interactive gameplay. The game’s puzzle design is a unique spin of mythological figures such as Prometheus, Pandora, and Epimetheus.

On the borderline, the game presents a plot strewn with witty humour and elegant puzzles. Together, they combine to form part of a bigger mystery, which will serve your interest in mythology quite well.


The game is quick to pick up on several references right out of Japanese culture and tradition, and the influence from the same is clearly visible all along with the gameplay. The game’s modus operandi revolves around the goddess Amaterasu, who is transformed into a monster by the name of Orochi. Along with her are several other characters from the game who are picked out of mythical and legendary stories rooted in Japanese culture.

At every turn of events in the game, you will come across a new plot of action which is derived from Japanese folklore and stories.


Did you always look at your Ludo wala game as a modern game which only came to light recently? Apparently, that’s not the case. You can use the Ludo download action through multiple sources like your smartphone’s app store to play this game which finds its roots in the history of Indian mythology.

Did you know that this is the exact game which lost the Pandavas their kingdom? If the mythological tales are to be believed, the Pandava’s played this game with the Kaurava’s and lost, costing them every asset they owned, including their kingdom, and forced them into exile for more than a decade.

So, if you are looking for a game with mythological roots, this is definitely an option for you to try.


Play this inspiring game which spans a compelling timeline and is based on the story of the prince of the immortal underworld. This strategic game is filled with elements from the world of Olympus, where you will encounter many other mythological characters, including Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and more. The powerful and intriguing gameplay compels the players to use tactics to unravel the unique plot and build an escape route.

God Of War 

Based on Greek and Norse mythology, this game is deeply rooted in the story of various mythological figures, including Ares and Persephone. The plot of this game explores the relationship between humans and gods in a strongly visual demeanour. You will find many elements in this game to boost your knowledge of the Greek gods and various mythical characters.

The Secret World

The gameplay reveals a unique plot that is surrounded by many mythical stories and brings together many figures from ancient Greek and Egyptian history. The most alluring part of this game is the compelling depth with which the characters are built and how they play around the game.

So, if you are someone who has been attracted to the history of the Illuminati, or the vivid stories of the knight Templar, then you;e bound to love this game. The entire gameplay is quite original and constantly keeps you on your toes.


Here comes the power-play of all mythological games. The fact that you can choose to play in the shoes of a mythological god of your choosing makes this game a brilliant option to consider. Choose from either one of Greek, Mayan, Norse, Egyptian, Roman, Chinese or Hindu gods to take your game forward and destroy your enemies.

Moreover, in this game, you also get the option to team up with other online players to fight together as a part of one league. The more you can destroy the other team, the more scores will come to your benefit. This game is not very technical, which is why you will have no problem fixing it up and drawing it to its end.


Perhaps one of the most recently launched games on this list, Nioh may not offer a very transparent window to recognising the Japanese mythology imbibed in it, but eventually, you are bound to understand the storyline just fine. Here and there, the game introduces many aspects of Japanese culture, which are bound to keep you excited and reel you into the adventure.

Largely, the game has a plot that remains faithful to its real history, but nevertheless, it remains an intriguing exploration for avid gamers. Even if you have no recognition of any aspect of these Japanese stories, you are still going to enjoy this game in plenty.

In Conclusion

It can be quite challenging to find a game which is worthy of your time and effort, but with the list above, there’s no way to go wrong! These are some of the best games which are based on mythological events, giving you a chance to explore not only these games’ themes themselves, but also get a good idea about the real events which come to shape their plots bet on basketball.

Interestingly, these games support the realm of mythology with fantastic visuals and a compelling plotline, which is why they never get boring and always keep the player hooked to the timeline of the game. So, download the game that caught your attention and prepare yourself for a great deal of fun and intrigue.