What Is the Best Contact Center Software?

A contact center receives incoming communication or contacts customers to provide the best support solutions. In the past, these centralized departments were mostly call centers, but now that communications have evolved along with recent advancements in technology, contact centers now offer the ability to communicate through multiple channels. This includes everything from email and live chat to messenger apps and SMS texts. Contact centers now offer multiple features that enhance the customer experience, but businesses are only capable of providing these call center solutions using the best contact center software. The software is what streamlines these processes and allows agents to utilize these features. Keep reading to learn about the best contact center software.

What is Bright Pattern?


Bright Pattern offers the most comprehensive contact center software solutions through its omnichannel software. Not only does it have all of the communication channels available, but it’s also cloud-based. This means that representatives have the ability to access the contact center from any web browser. Businesses can implement CRM integrations to streamline their workflow, and agents can use omnichannel routing to provide customers with the best solutions through their preferred method of communication. The software even shows analytics and metrics so that supervisors can track the performance of their representatives. Learn more about what makes Bright Pattern the best contact center software available.

Connect with customers and increase engagement through multiple channels.

An omnichannel contact center allows for a seamless customer experience on any communication channel. The Bright Pattern software makes for an integrated experience, connecting clients via phone call, video call, SMS, live chat, mobile app, and social media. Thanks to this omnichannel approach, businesses can provide a consistent experience for customers and give their support team the ability to enrich their communication methods. What makes this different from a multichannel system is the fact that there is less friction in the customer journey. Because the omnichannel network seamlessly integrates all of these functions, agents can switch between different channels easily to provide the best customer service. The omnichannel routing also connects customers to the right agent in less time. This improves the overall efficiency of the support team as well as the business.

Use AI and bot assistance to improve interactions and automate the process.


Thanks to Bright Pattern’s artificial intelligence and bots, wait times are decreased and customer service is sped up. AI can assist in any customer interactions and help identify customers for agents to provide faster service. Bots can gather information that’s relevant to the situation and pass them on to the correct representative to speed up customer queues. The intelligent routing is automated and helps to solve the most common queries so that queues are shorter and wait times are faster. Artificial intelligence is the backbone of the Bright Pattern software and allows managers to review analytics and predictive analysis. They can also monitor 100 percent of customer interactions as well as agent performance. The AI can even detect a bad experience during customer calls and allow the appropriate agent to intervene for the next best action.

Empower customers to seek assistance through in-app customer support.

Bright Pattern also offers in-app customer service. This means that customers no longer have to call a service phone number and listen to menu prompts then wait on hold. They can simply use a one-click contact tool to contact an agent. The information from the app then travels to the agent and eliminates the need for any other time-consuming data entry. Businesses will be able to help customers faster and eliminate hold times altogether.

There are plenty of reasons why Bright Pattern is the best contact center software, but some of the most innovative solutions provided by the software have been listed here. Guarantee customer satisfaction with the help of an AI-powered, cloud-based contact center solution like Bright Pattern.