What to Look for in a Good Personal Injury Attorney

People looking for legal representation need to realize that not all attorneys are the same. Each has dedicated their legal practice to one specific sector of the law. People should not expect an attorney who specializes in real estate law to represent them in a criminal case. 

When someone is hurt in an accident, they should choose an attorney who has dedicated themselves to helping clients get fair compensation for property loss and injuries. Accident victims need to consider speaking with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer


Before beginning a search for an attorney, a person should know what they want in legal representation. The research could begin by speaking with family and friends to see who has had a good experience with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. People should try to speak with someone who had a similar case. Researching online can also help. 

Background and Experience

There are certain things a person may want to know about an attorney they are considering. Some questions in addition to experience and education will provide a clear picture of how the attorney handles their cases. 

  • Has the attorney previously dealt with the insurance company involved in the case? Do they know the insurance adjuster?
  • How long has the attorney been practicing in this area of the law?
  • Does the attorney usually represent the accident victims or the companies that defend against such claims?
  • What amount of a lawyer’s practice is dedicated to handling personal injury cases? 


The ability of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to communicate is essential. When choosing an attorney, it is important a person feels the attorney listens to them. They should be willing to approach the case as requested by the client. It’s also important to have an attorney who is good at explaining things. 

An attorney’s desire to listen and understand will impact a person’s ability to make good decisions. A person may also want to ask if the attorney will check in with them periodically. Is the attorney comfortable with the client contacting them about the status of their case? 

Discuss the Case

People should ask a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer their opinion on the merits of their case. A person should ask the attorney how they would handle such a case. People need to know if the attorney only handles cases that can be settled out of court or if they also provide legal representation if the case goes to trial. 

Fee Structure

It is common for a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to work on a contingency basis. They don’t receive any type of payment for their work unless they win the case in court or negotiate an agreeable settlement. 

They may not take a case. If they do accept to represent someone, it means they see value in the case for the potential client. A person should ask about the percentage of their compensation the attorney will charge and any other type of additional fees. A person needs to be comfortable with the attorney’s fee structure. 

Settlement Goals

Once a person has discussed the fact of their case and their history of dealing with the insurance company, an attorney may provide their view of the case. They may also express their opinion if it will be easy or difficult to get the insurance company to pay the true value of the claim. A person should have an idea of how their case could be approached. 

  • Obtain the highest settlement amount possible, no matter how much time is required.
  • Obtain a settlement amount within a specified range, with as little trouble possible, and with a minimum of costs.
  • Obtain a settlement amount more than what an insurance company has offered as quickly as possible. 

Who Will Be Working on the Case?

A person will want to know who will be working directly on their case. It is common for a senior attorney to delegate work to other attorneys and paralegals. If other attorneys will be working on their case, a person may want to speak directly with them. 

Having others do the routine work makes it get done faster. Should someone be paying by the hour, it is to their benefit to not have the more expensive senior attorney doing routine paperwork for their case. 

Hiring the right Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can be a challenge. If someone is trying to get compensation for a vehicle accident or medical malpractice, they will want to find the attorney who will do the best job possible. With a little time and effort, a person can easily find the right attorney for their legal needs.