4 Things to Include in a Holiday Gift Basket


Dec 16, 2020

As you are completing your holiday shopping this year, you might come to find that there are a few people on your list who are a bit tricky to buy for. Maybe they have a particular taste, or perhaps you are just looking for something special to get them this year. Either way, your perfect solution might very well be to assemble a holiday gift basket as opposed to rushing around trying to find one single item that they will enjoy.

By opting for a holiday gift basket, you can include a number of things that your friend or family member will enjoy. The fact that you select and assemble the items yourself adds a personal touch that will mean a great deal to the recipient on Christmas Day.

If you are planning on assembling a holiday gift basket for someone on your list this year, here are four things that you should include.

  1. A Meal

While there is no actual way of including a fully cooked meal in a gift basket, that doesn’t mean you can’t include a way for the recipient to give themselves a night off from cooking and dishes this holiday season. By including a doordash promo code in your gift basket, you can give the recipient the chance to take a night off so that they can relax with a delicious meal.

  1. A Sweet Treat

Nothing says Christmas quite like a delicious baked good that smells and tastes like the holidays. A sweet holiday treat makes the perfect addition to any Christmas gift basket. If you are confident in the kitchen, you can whip up some delightful sugar cookies and decorate them as well. If you aren’t exactly the type who enjoys baking, you can include a tin of fudge or a box of candy canes. Make sure that you stay on theme, though, so as to make a cohesive holiday gift basket.

  1. Something Cozy

Another thing that you will want to include in your holiday gift basket is something cozy and comfortable. With the dark days of winter in full swing, something cozy and warm makes for the perfect addition to any holiday gift basket.

A few great options that you can choose from include a comfy pair of slippers, some Christmassy socks to keep their feet warm, or a fluffy blanket that they can cozy up with this Christmas. If you can find something that is Christmas themed, it will make an even better addition to your holiday gift basket.

  1. A Commemorative Ornament

Lastly, you will want to include something in your gift basket that your friend or family member will keep for years to come. A lovely Christmas tree ornament makes the perfect addition to any holiday gift basket. You can find one with this year’s date on it or have one engraved with their name. Christmas ornaments that incorporate photos can also make for excellent keepsakes that will truly be appreciated.