Varieties Of Fashion Jewelleries

Fashion jeweler is mostly made from base metals like aluminum, copper, brass, and even stimulated stones. The metals that are used are mostly safe to the human skin and part from the above-mentioned metals; the other stones that are used are Kunda, Zirconia, Viljandi, and more.

Handmade fashion jewellery is an inexpensive alternative and they have been on the scene since the 17th or 18th century. The trend of fake jewelry first became popular in Paris and then it got spread to other cities in Europe. Now, they have become a fashion trend all over the world and each country has its own history of handmade fashion jewelry because culture and craft vary from one place to another.

 Art Jewellery

This particular kind of jewelry is full of intrinsic handwork and so it does cost a lot of hard work as well. In fact, it takes several months to make a single piece of jewelry like this than any regular imitation. Though art is kept in mind while making them, they are made for wearing purposes. One can possess them and flaunt them on rare occasions. Sometimes they are kept only for display at art galleries.

Craft Jewellery

This jewelry is made by only keeping fashion in mind. The craft for a piece of jewelry speaks for itself. One can buy them from craft fairs and mix and match them with their outfits. A lot of people dedicate their artistic views to making these craft pieces and they look beautiful on one when worn for an occasion.

Fashion Jewellery

They are mostly known as junk jewelry to common people. They are not only widely available but widely worn as well. As they are lightweight and are available in endless varieties and designs, one can add them to their jewelry box and wear them with any outfit they want to. The best thing is that; they are available at affordable prices. The metals that are mostly used to make these are copper, brass, silver, and more.

 Fine Jewellery

This jewelry is mostly made from precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum. There are other precious stones that can be used liken Rubies, Kundan, Polka, and many more. They are a bit expensive than the regular fashion jewelry and they are mostly meant to be worn on some special occasion.

Vintage Jewellery

As per the name, these pieces are at least 50 to 100 years old.  These designs can be incorporated into fashion jewelry so that one can create some unique pieces out of it. They can be included in the hot fashion trends and one can flaunt them on any occasion.

One can always try and possess handmade jewellery set because they are unique and one can flaunt them on a special occasion. This is something that is great to own and an addition to the jewelry wardrobe because most handmade jewelry is intricate pieces of craft. They reflect the culture and craft expertise of a jewelry maker which is absolutely stunning.