5 Best Isolating Headphones For Electronic Drum Sets


Feb 8, 2020

With the emerging of electronic drum sets, almost all drummers turned their heads towards it due to the incredible features which were never thought to be seen in conventional ones. These features made the acoustic drum sets look traditional and outdated and also resolved most of its drawbacks to a great extent. Although there are several features of the modern drum set that has made it lead the drumming sector, one of the most important and favorable features for drummers is the feature to use headphones. On electronicdrumguy.com/headphones-for-drummers/ you can go through the top headphones for drummers which are ranked based on several factors such as built, specifications, features, available accessories and price as well. 

  • Beyer dynamic DT 770 Noise-isolating headphones

The DT770 model of Noise-isolating headphones from Beyer dynamic is probably the best ever headphones for drummers due to its great sound isolation features which are quite appreciable. Not only this, the big and soft ear pads of it tends to provide maximum comfort to ears to continue usage for a longer time. Besides, it also provides incredible durability upon which you can totally rely on every aspect of being a professional drummer. Moreover, every part of the headphones is replaceable which is quite a favorable addition besides rich sound with bass that is suitable for all kinds of music genres.    

  • Simgot EN700 Pro Noise-isolating Headphones 

The Simgot EN700 Pro is the most preferred Noise isolating headphone due to the incredible features such as detachable cable, crystal clear high-resolution audio earbuds, accurate noise cancellation, etc. Earbuds are also included in the list of the best features as they are the dynamically balanced earbuds made to provide good comfort to the listeners even for a long time.

  • Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphone

If you prefer lightweight yet durable and efficient headphones for drumming, then this can be the topmost choice from the list for sure. The HD 25 model of professional DJ headphones from Sennheiser comes with the industry-standard built and most impressive features that favor a drummer from every perspective for sure. Mobile monitoring is made quite reliable besides capability of handling heavy sounds and pressure levels due to the most robust construction in this category. 

  • BASN Professional in-Ear Monitor Headphones

Balanced headphones with all-rounder capabilities to manage every single feature required for a drummer is quite a smart preference. This in-ear monitor headphone from BASN is also one of these kinds. They come with MMCX connectors and are specially designed for drummers, singers, etc. Sound back monitoring technology infused in those headphones is also an incredible tweak for the drummers.

  • KAT percussion KTUI26 Ultra isolation headphones

A power-packed headphone that performs incredibly well in the real-time applications of the drumming is quite a favorable tweaks to the drummers. If you are looking for a headphone that isolates noise as well as has a great build quality with good durability then this can be your smart pick. It requires no batteries and has passive isolation features besides being capable of reducing the noise by 26dB.  

Buying drumming headphones online by comparing several factors which include price can be best done in online store easily when compared to retail shopping.