Top Reasons Why Stress Balls Are Useful and Universal Marketing Tools


Feb 12, 2020

In the past, companies bank too much on traditional advertising done through radio, print, TV, or word of mouth. These channels of communication deliver the message to a mass audience, thereby reaching as many consumers as you can with a single ad. Though these modes of delivering the message are effective, they also cost a lot.

To cut down on the cost while still maintaining the efficacy of the message, companies started to innovate. This is where promotional materials like stress toys or bottles imprinted with company logos and messages gained momentum. Unlike their expensive predecessors and contemporaries, these marketing tools are cost-effective and durable. You only need a viral message to get it going.

How to start

If you are ready to ditch your old marketing practice, or you are merely looking for ways to complement it with a less costly option, you need to decide what promotional tool to use. Think of usefulness to your target market as your metric for considering which tool to use. If your target market includes businesses and employees, you have to think of things that are useful to these people. An umbrella with your logo, coffee mugs, planners, and notepads are all viable options. If your target market, on the other hand, are teenagers, caps, water bottles, or canvas bags are great choices.

Universal marketing tool

If, however, you want to choose a universal tool that cuts across age and social status, you can go for a stress ball. This may be a small and simple thing, but it can be useful to the stay at home moms, yuppies, working people, and even company CEOs! Everyone gets stressed, and what better way to help them deal with their stress than giving them a stress ball. While they relieve themselves of their anxious feeling, your stress ball will work its way to get your brand known.

Fun and useful

Stress can quickly be relieved if you release all the pent-up anger that was triggered by your body’s fight-or-flight response mechanism. By repetitively gripping the stress ball, you transfer all the extra negative energy released because of your anger and anxiety. By grasping and loosening your grip continuously, you create a rhythm that is fun and enjoyable to follow. Soon, you will realize that you are no longer in a foul mood.

Help keep your focus

A study among sixth-graders revealed that stress toys like the stress balls could help one keep his focus despite the distractions. In the said study, there were more than 1,400 students that were videotaped and strictly observed for three weeks. After three weeks, an intervention in the form of stress balls was introduced. The said students were made to use the said stress balls for seven weeks. After that, all the journal entries revealed that the students’ peer interaction, writing abilities, attention, and attitude improved significantly because of the stress ball.

Aside from all these reasons, stress balls are also less expensive compared to video marketing, online advertising, and traditional advertising. If you use this tool, you will not only significantly save on your marketing efforts, but you also add more value to your customers. By giving them something they can use and benefit from, it sends a message that you care about them. It gives the impression that you have carefully thought of their needs and welfare. Soon, when they are confronted with a purchasing decision, it will not be difficult for them to choose you.

Article Written By Ellen hollington