6 Must-Pack Travel Gadgets for Your Next Trip


May 24, 2022

After spending years stuck at home, traveling seems to be on top of everyone’s wish list. Fortunately, with countries around the world finally fully opening their borders, turning this into a reality wouldn’t be much of a problem. So, we can now go back to visas and deposits instead of Covid tests and quarantines.

Having said that, traveling, in general, is still full of hassling possibilities. From packing to figuring your way out in a new place, there’s just so much that can happen. Therefore, it is essential that you do your research thoroughly and familiarize yourself with how things work at your destination.

In favor of being prepared, it is also important that you are equipped with the right tools as you travel. The last thing you need is the added stress of not having something essential in a foreign place. To make sure you are hindered from such situations, we have concluded some of the must-have travel items for a smooth and fun-packed trip!

Freeze a moment (or two)

With the help of your Xiaomi phone, recording any moment in your life has never been easier. Though, getting a second helping hand from a gimbal is never wrong. More than just an easier shooting process, you can also say goodbye to shaky videos and enjoy a more stable recording of your trip.

Let the music set the mood

Listening to music is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to set someone’s mood. When you’re not in a good space and need a little cheering up, your favorite jams are the fool-proof plan to fix it.

The same goes for when you travel. There’s nothing like standing in front of the place you’ve dreamed of visiting while listening to your favorite song. Not to mention the euphoria of doing carpool karaoke on a road trip with the song blasting through everyone’s favorite portable speaker.

Organize now, relax later

No one wants to stand in the middle of the airport or sit in a cramped airplane seat, fiddling through their bag looking for a charger or boarding pass. Unfortunately, we have all been there.

Instead of just dumping all your stuff into your bag, using a pouch or a small compact bag of your choice can be the solution to this problem. Besides making changing bags easier, you can also lessen the chance of forgetting an item, as you don’t have to move them individually. In addition, you now store your cables and adaptors in one place for maximum charging ease!

Stay connected whenever and wherever you are

Although using a local SIM card is still one of the most budget-friendly options, when you travel to different countries at once, getting them can create more hassle instead. In this case, opting for a portable Wi-Fi hotspot might be a better and cheaper option, especially if you are traveling in a group.

On top of a Wi-Fi connection, it is essential that you always have access to your phone. This is because your need for your phone will increase as you travel, especially for battery-draining applications such as maps. Therefore, it is mandatory to bring at least a 6.000 mAh power bank to fulfill your travel needs for the day.

Kill long travel times with kindness

Instead of complaining throughout a long flight or train ride, try to spend the time doing something that you like. If movies or mobile games aren’t exactly your cup of tea, then maybe opt for an hour or two of reading and let your imagination travel as well. Besides fulfilling your need for entertainment, reading can also help promote sleep, which is highly important during your trip.

However, reading from an e-book might be wiser as physical books can get heavy and take up quite a space in your bag. Try and opt for an e-reader such as Amazon’s Kindle instead of your phone, as its screen is designed to be easier on your eyes and is built with longer battery life.

Take warmth in your every step (literally)

More than just padded coats and gloves, you also need to make sure that your feet are protected and warm when traveling to a place with low temperatures. On top of using a stick-on heating pad under your feet, you can also use adjustable heating insoles to stay warm. So, you can now forget about getting cold feet and explore every single place on your wish list instead.

A recipe for a smooth traveling experience is good research and preparation. Make sure to create a master list filled with things you will need throughout the trip and make sure you tick each one as you pack back home as well. A tip is also to add the things you bought throughout your trip to the list to make sure you don’t leave your newly bought items behind.

Remember to respect the customs and traditions at your destination and follow the local rules and regulations. Finally, have fun and safe travel!