9Apps: One Application for All Applications


Feb 8, 2020 ,

Modern life has become so much easier and fast that we don’t have to depend on others. We have to thank the huge contribution of the biggest ever invention of mankind that is internet technology. Everything is available on it. We can listen to music, watch videos, and publish articles via the internet.

Video technology is one of the best features of internet technology. We can see anywhere, anytime what is happening around the world. There are many different types of videos available like entertainment videos, workout videos, music videos, and a poem or cartoon videos for kids. Every age group can enjoy just by watching a video of their interest.

Many apps are specially designed just to watch videos like YouTube. The drawback of these apps is that they do not provide a download feature to save videos offline. They only work when you are online. At some places where internet connectivity is low or not present person have to suffer buffering problem and videos takes long time to play. To overcome this hurdle, one app is available i.e. Vidmate. Its handy features help to manage your videos easily. It gives you the option to choose resolution and format to download videos. Hence, one has to not worry about the space of the device. It automatically saves video in offline mode to files of mobile and you can enjoy your videos anytime without any disturbance.

As internet technology is so huge that words will not be enough to explain its scope. One thing which is worth to be mentioned here is business through the internet or in simple words online business. Many brands and companies have launched their apps respectively. The only motive behind them is to make consumers more comfortable and to attract them more. Even special offers and discounts are also given to motivate costumers to shop online. Thousands of applications are available online so to download those different app stores are also there. We can download any app from any app store but all app stores are not user-friendly. One has to face many problems like big size applications, costly applications, virus or bug containing files that make your device slow and sometimes it start to hang.

We have to choose between different app stores that which one is more reliable and compatible with our device as well as for our pocket. 9apps is an app store that stands out of all app stores. Its features are handy and many applications that are costly on other app stores are available free here. All types of applications, files and content are available here. It reduces the size of the application and removes any virus and bug to protect your device. It is a user-friendly app store where any person can easily download any app at any time. Its speed is commendable; one doesn’t have to wait for hours for one application you can download many applications at the same time. If you are already fed-up from your app store. Just try this amazing app store that too is for free.