Best Ranges Of Gear Hob Cutters – Gear Cutting Made Easy And Precise


Oct 31, 2020

Gears are used in hundreds to thousands of mechanical devices ranging from a simple wristwatch to complex automotive transmissions. This means that almost all of the industries related to the manufacturing of mechanical devices need gears with utmost precision. It is the perfection in gear cutting that provides high-end efficiency for the gears. This creates demand for the best ranges of gear cutting tools to make the process easy, safe, and precise. Investment in the right set of tools with long life and functional flexibility makes it worth the investment.

Different gear cutting methods

There are two important types of gear cutting methods named generating method and forming method.

Generating method

The generating method helps to produce high-precision gears with its mechanism of pushing the rack cutter against the disk to form the gears. This method is widely used in gear cutting and the most common machine used for the purpose is called gear hobs or gear hobbing machine.

Forming Method

The forming method of gear cutting uses a milling machine supported with a cutting tool with the same shape as that of grooves of the desired gear. The present market provides a wide range of gear cutting tools for both methods. The forming method is used in the large production of gears without dedicated production machines. Other ways of gear cutting include plastic forming processes and shaping to make bevel gears.

Right type of gear cutting tool

There are different types of gears with different teeth. The present market provides wide ranges of gear hobs to select from to meet the unique cutting requirements. The right type of cutting tool adds speed and perfection to the cutting process. Present ranges of tools come with the best mechanism of work spindle, cutter spindle, index change gears, speed change gears, and more. These features make the process to the point without any usual cutting defects or deficiencies.

Fast and accurate cutting method

In this competitive market, gear manufacturers need to deliver the orders at the right time to keep the business running with a good volume of clients and customers. Outdated gear cutting machines can’t assure the speed and accuracy of the process just as the modern tools. Never ignore the importance of gear hobs with advanced features. The best way to keep a satisfactory working atmosphere for the workforce is to provide them with the right set of gear cutting tools with advanced features. This increases productivity and helps the companies to deliver the orders at the right time without any usual delays.

Get the best price

Price is always an important factor to consider since reducing the operating cost is the best way to increase the revenue than increasing the rate of the product. The present market provides you gear hobs from several brands making everyone confused about which one to select.

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