Brand Focus: The Best of Hublot Watches


Nov 12, 2019

As a watch company, Hublot is one of the most underrated. Though its heritage and history are most compelling, and its product lines some of the best in their demographic, it’s safe to say that the brand has never reached household name status. And for good reason, because the brand isn’t looking for that status in the first place.

The brand is comfortable with its place in the industry. Steady income stream with a good placement that’s enviable by some top of the line watch companies. Getting a Hublot is like getting a one of kind timepiece that’s only the initiated and connoisseurs will appreciate. So what are you waiting for?

The Holidays are just around the corner and there’s no other perfect time to get something remarkable for the special people in your life. So why don’t you shop Hublot? From trendy watches to timeless ones, you’ll never go wrong with the choices on this list.

Short Company History

In 1976, legendary Italian watchmaker Carlo Crocco left Breil to start his own company. After three years of working on his prototype, he unveiled a watch named Hublot, the French word for the porthole. When it was first shown to the public, there wasn’t much fanfare and engagement, but in the first year of its launch, it racked in 2 million of sales.

In 2005, Hublot launched Big Bang under the management of former Omega and Blancpain power player Jean-Claude Biver. The Big Bang was a revolutionary luxury watch that put Hublot in the map of big-time luxury watchmakers, increasing the company’s annual income fourfold.

It was awarded the Design Prize the same year at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, which started the ball rolling for it to have its momentum and gather accolades in Japan and Bahrain in the following months. Another milestone was reached by the company in 2011 when it became the official timekeeper for Ferrari.

Today, Hublot is as formidable as any luxury watch company, and although it has not yet reach Rolex’s and Omega’s level of ubiquity, it’s laurels and accolades as a brand is nothing short of stellar. So if you’re looking for unconventional luxury watches for gifting, here are the best options from Hublot:

Classic Pink Gold and Diamond

Here’s a watch that will instantly be liked by any female in your life. The Classic Pink Gold and Diamond from Hublot looks exactly how it sounds. Hublot has always been known for avant-garde design and revolutionary aesthetic, marrying unconventional materials with classic movement, but in the case of this watch, it’s pure on dripping with elegance.

To say that this watch is a departure to Hublot’s design aesthetic may be warranted, with its classic stainless steel case encrusted with diamonds and laid with glossy pink gold. The band is a direct contrast to the daintiness of the watch face, as it’s a straightforward black rubber band. Powered by Quartz movement, it’s a watch that celebrates the beauty of juxtapositions.

Hublot Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari

This may be the watch in this list that you would want to get for yourself. It’s a Big Bang watch, paired with the Ferrari branding, and designed with both in mind. Bold, big and brazen, it’s a watch that maintains subtlety but also screams luxury at the same time. The Sapphire variation is especially true to form with subtle gray all over, with Ferrari red accents.

The Scuderia Ferrari line in itself is a great if not exclusive collection and any of these watches will surely be worthy as museum pieces. The watch face is a bold deconstruction of what happens underneath the timepiece, with the iconic Ferrari logo just above the 6th hour and Hublot branding on the 12th.

Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang

A true masterpiece in itself, snatching the top spot in the 2009 Geneva Grand Prix in the watch category, the Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang is truly one of a kind. It’s the definition of a luxury watch, both in price and features. The Million Dollar name is there for a reason. Encrusted with baguette diamonds weighing a total of 34.5 carats, the watch is a marvel, to say the least.

Do you have a million-dollar lying around waiting to be spent? This watch right here is the one to get. With white gold and in-existent hour numerals, the watch is a study in using different shades of black paired with luxury materials to form a one of a kind showpiece. Even if you can afford it, it may be more difficult to obtain than you’d originally think, but trust us – it’s worth it.


Hublot watches are not your run of the mill luxury watches. Only the true connoisseurs and watch nerds will tell you how much of a big deal these watches are. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or gifting it to somebody else, you best believe that you’re getting what you paid for.